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    Joe Gonzalez

    on the latest https://hardwoodhustle.com/episode-446  – TJ & Sam had on Bob Starkey and he had a great concept which I thought i would share:

    He put a notecard in every player’s locker prior to practice and had them write a PERSONAL GOAL for that particular practice, then turn it in to the coach or a little box on the way out of the locker room heading over to practice.

    They would list things like: Focus, Intensity, Communicating, or specific areas – shooting, rebounding, boxing out, etc.

    then the coaches collect the notecards and send the player back some feedback of how they did.

    We use GroupMe, so I was thinking I’d send a DM to them after practice praising their work, or giving constructive advice. . Otherwise, he talks about texting them.

    Very cool concept to get them thinking about practice before they step on the floor. Also gives them some ownership of their game as well.

    Has anyone done this? or do you do something similar?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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