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    Does anyone have any good resources for Race and Space or Functionally Fast offenses? I have some of Mike Neighbors stuff, but I do not have a lot of his resources. I have a copy of a few of the clinics he has put in. I would like to dig deeper into both of these offensive systems as I believe they both fit how I would like to play this upcoming season. In the past we have run Read and React, but I am interested in what Tyler Coston is doing with Race and Space and I have always been interested in Mike Neighbors stuff. I was just curious if anyone had any good resources.



    Hey Nikolaus,

    For Mike Neighbors stuff, I would star with the interview they did with Mike over Quarantine, it is in Key 5 you. just may have to hunt for it. Perhaps someone knows exactly where it is. He does a good overview of Functionally Fast during that interview, but he also provides his contact information and email. I messaged mike during quarantine and he sent me the stuff fairly quick, he is very open to sharing so I would just reach out and he has a lof of his stuff online if you dig deep enough. 

    For Race and Space with Tyler, I would hit him up via Twitter or email and you can be added to his newsletters and I think he has been doing Cohorts for the offense as well. He will set up a one time consultation with you if you are interested and walk you through the basics! 

    Good Luck! 


    @Nikolaus Schweikertcheck  out Mike Neighbors free Functionally Fast Course on


    I use his functionally fast concept in transition then Flow right into Read and React from there.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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