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    Sorry @Nelson Handel, just checking back in after a while.Maybe you already had your informal zoom call?  @Mark Jarram obviously has the most experience with this. In our half a season utilizing it, I am sold on it! it was so easy to implement. Each offensive player tags a defender, and kind of waits to see where the rebound comes. if it is coming their way, now it is a 50/50 battle (scrum) for the ball. If their check leaks out for a fast break, then they continue to “tag” them so they are automatically guarding anyone leaking out. No player should be running free. Now it doesn’t matter who has the “back responsibility” because no one does. they just have to tag their check.

    Against Zone Defenses this is a bit trickier on the leak outs. We taught sending all 5 to the glass, but in reality it almost always turned into at least 3 and maybe 4? shooters sometimes have a hard time tagging…

    Also, because we are basically “pinning” our check towards the basket, we want our players to tip the ball backwards if they can’t grab it. 

    we also press, so it allows us to put immediate pressure on the ball – getting steals or tie-ups for jump balls (as no one has to worry about getting back to their guy or spot). we just guard who you tag and fix it on the way back or other end. 

    we literally spent about 15 min to install and then we practiced it for like 5 min each day, but emphasized it in all our small-sided games and scrimmages – and that was the extent of it. 

    here is a quick video of our first 2 games we installed it –

    (we won the first game, but we couldn’t make shots in the 2nd game and ended up losing in a close one — but we had plenty of 2nd chance shots.). we went 14-6 on the season. we run read & react with 2-side fastbreak, but are essentially a drive-and-kick, paint-or-three team. we averaged 57 ppg, and shot 144/507 (28% from 3 overall, but our main four starters were 118/323 – 36.5%)


    Great stuff @Joe Gonzalez. thanks for sharing!



    Not marketing here, but my friend Chris Oliver has partnered with Aaron Fearne, who devised this system, and is offering a video course and webinar with Aaron, if you’re interested. Passing along the info:


    If you purchase, you get exclusive, rare and unique bonus access to Aaron Fearne. Can you image buying a coaching video and than getting exclusive access to ask that coach questions? I can’t. Until now. 

    These exclusive videos provide you access to watch Coach Fearne teach his offensive rebounding, and defensive transition, systems to a high school team. You will learn how he teaches the Tagging Up System from installation to implementation. Besides sharing the terminology and philosophy behind the system, Coach Fearne teaches progressions from 2-on-2 to 5-on-5.

    Get immediate access. Improve your offensive rebounding and defensive transition. Create more scoring opportunities.

    I know you will love this.


    Justin Gerstung
    On 6/11/2020 at 2:27 PM, Lisa O’Meara said:

    Let’s do a live learning! TJ is up for it.

    @Mark Jarram, @Nelson Handel, @Adrian Mills, @Justin Gerstung, @Nikolaus Schweikert and anyone interested.

    We can expand on anything you guys have already touched on as well.

    Would July 15th potentially at 11 am EST?

    I would be in and love to discuss… missed the last one!


    I’d definitely be interested in a live learning on tag rebounding! Thanks ? 


    Live Learning with TJ is posted! It will be July 15th at 1 PM EST. Hope you all can make it!

    Sign Up on the Live Learning page:



    Have really enjoyed learning more about tagging.  The live learning videos are very informative.  Thank you Nelson and Mark and others!  Have graduated out all of our experience and will be implementing tagging this season with our very young High School Girls’ team.  Watching film in the past, too often we are standing in “no man’s land” instead of getting back or going in.  Just having a more specific strategy and “target” for our players when a shot goes up will be beneficial I feel.  Also, I look forward to seeing how this impacts our own defensive rebounding.  Is the document that Nelson created which was referenced in the video

    available here?  


    Doh! Yes, I created a Tag-Up System cheat sheet from the work of Mark and Brandon, augmented with my own research, including video link examples. I’ve sent it directly to the many who have requested it, but never thought to post it here. Oversight corrected.


    Tagging Up.pdf



    Man, I am late to the party but appreciate all the insight! We are a Lock Left HS Varsity girls team that had great success in our first season fully running it last year. We are looking for a rebounding system to compliment LL and think this might be it. Would love to connect on a call if enough would be interested in having another one. Would love to hear how coaches would handle an opponent doing this to you? What adjustments would need to be made and in turn, counters? Appreciate you all and thanks for sharing @Nelson Handel


    I’m deep in the details of meshing the two right now, @Ryan Robie. Looking at Fearne’s video, I think opponents will be tempted to run after every DRB. Given that the LL will encourage that (as long as its left), I think we’ll have to put a premium of WS transition down the midline, and low help stepping up to trap/take charge on downhill left side drives. Other than that, I think there will be a benefit in players thinking “transition” earlier and all the way down the court. It will help deny stay high, and build midline wall earlier.

    @Mark Jarram , @Brandon Sharp, and @Joe Gonzalez are more expert, having run it before, but I’m happy to chat what I’m think about integration with LL.


    hey @Ryan Robie

    that is an interesting question – what adjustment do i make if you tag rebound me? i’m not sure i have too many. it is essentially a 1v1 rebound game.

    i suppose i could leak out a couple of players to limit your number of players crashing, but i would need to make sure i had a few good defensive rebounders in the middle. 

    mostly, i think i would have to really work on my defensive rebounding before playing you…taking up valuable practice time. 

    i would still use my two-side fastbreak and try to outrun you to the corners. 

    it is going to be a rebounding battle for sure…



    One question while watching the live learning video (after it was presented): If one of your players is already in a good ‘traditional’ rebounding position on the shot, should they stay there, or move to be in the high-side tagging position?

    Thanks all


    @Joe Gonzalez@Ryan Robie, we’ll let you know. My friend’s team, @Todd S Wright, met us in the playoffs last year, and have a rematched planned. He seems as excited by the system as I am, so we’ll have some head-to-head data to analyze at the end of the season ? .


    @Dib Oglesby, I would never want to install a system that asks my players to act counterintuitively.  @Mark Jarram said that while running it in the past, he allowed rebounders who had inside position when the shot went up to maintain it. But he also emphasized them scrumming their check under the backboard. This would probably minimize the possibility of them having positional advantage fighting over the top (though it will obviously sometimes happen). An awareness of angles and spacing will, as Mark suggested, “…make your OK rebounders good, your good rebounders great, and your great rebounders dominant.”

    Perhaps Mark can clarify.


    @Nelson Handel Any chance you guys recorded that Zoom? 

    Specifically interested in the LL and how it will marry to TAG… Seems like a way to be clever and different without reinventing the wheel here.

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