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Teachable Leadership Moment

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    Had a nice, spontaneous teaching moment the other day and thought I’d pass it along.

    for a recent Zoom class, I assigned viewing of a short video of college teams running our offense. We recently completed a Layer-by-Layer teach-thru of it, but thought it would now be interesting to see how my players saw it. I asked them to be prepared to share a take-away.

    One-by-one, they shared really detailed observations about how the college teams compared to us, and what might make us better. “Clearer communication on Dribble Ats, with names and hand signals.” “Always ready off the ball. Eyes locked on ball.” “More active scoring fills and Curry cuts.” etc. (It showed me their film reading skills had grown remarkably this year during the shutdown, which felt great).

    So, the next day, I challenged each player who contributed to be the “Captain” of what they saw, to take responsibility to make sure we were meeting and exceeding our standards in that one specific area. I suppose this was an on-court adaptation of a trope we’ve all kicked around in the Culture area, but I never thought to apply it to our offensive system.

    In my dreams now (we’re still locked down), I have five guys constantly watching a very specific aspect of our offense, and holding others accountable. It struck me as a very nice intermediate Leadership responsibility–“you don’t have to lead the whole team, but you can lead our executions on Dribble-Ats.”

    I’ll let you know if it translates to the court.


    Love that idea Nelson.  You’ve got my wheels turning now for the defensive end as well.  


    Great idea Nelson!


    @Aaron Hedman we put our point guard in charge of communicating which defense we were in about 1/2 way through our season. In certain games and situations, we allowed her to decide that defensive possession. She’s a sophomore so it gave her some responsibility and leadership. On occasion we’d have our ‘big’ (the middle of our 2-3 zone) in charge of communicating about the offense’s biggest threat (Whoever it was at the time, whether a shooter outside or a big inside). Not necessarily STOPPING that threat, but just COMMUNICATING about it. they loved it and took pride in not letting that kid score. 

    @Nelson Handel I think this is an awesome idea and would love to hear how this works out for you! please keep us posted! 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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