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Thankful for Key5!

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    Hey y’all,

     I am so grateful for this forum opportunity, and to connect with all of you. I am currently a teacher and assistant JV Girls Basketball Coach in Saginaw, MI at Saginaw Swan Valley High School. I also do a lot with our middle school age group, coach track and field, and started working for PGC last summer.

    I started out as a GA at a Division 3 school in WI, but decided high school sports was where I was needed most. It’s my second year here, and I’m thankful for the opportunity, just itching to get to a head coaching spot one day soon. Our program is in rough shape with some old-school coaches who aren’t open to new ideas, so it pains me a bit to not be able to do much – but I am trying to do what I can in whatever way to help build up.  I joined Key5 this fall, and have already reaped so many benefits, and can tell that the knowledge I’ve gained is tremendous. I love soaking in the knowledge from all of you, and chewing on different ideas and thoughts to help apply them to my coaching arsenal. I know this is just the beginning, so I’m excited to keep growing!

    Reyna Luplow




    Great to have you as a part of the community!


    Thanks for posting Reyna!

    Good pic.


    Grow the game,



    Reyna – It was so great to have you with us in Chicago this fall, I’m so glad I got to meet you in person.

    ?I celebrate you for not settling for good enough, and your passion to make things great wherever you are. Keep up the good work, excited for your future opportunities in this crazy coaching profession!


    Reyna, welcome to Key5 Coaching!  

    We celebrate your decision and commitment to athletes in HS, it’s a critical time.  Will look forward to crossing your path at either a clinic or Live Learning!

    Best of luck with the season. 




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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