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    Hi all,

    I started teaching PGC principles about 7 years ago, a year or so after I had started running the Read & React offense. The two seemed a perfect philosophical match to me. A couple of years later, Rick and Manu  got together, and my tribe was set. I volunteered to help Tyler at a Shooting College about 5 years ago (when you could still do that), and joined PGC staff in 2016.

    I’m a professional writer and author for a living, but I am currently honored to serve as the Director of Basketball and Boys Varsity Head Coach at Larchmont Charter High in Los Angeles, a highly diverse, urban community charter near Downtown LA. I continue to serve PGC camps in summer and fall, as my schedule allows, and to further PGC’s efforts throughout the year in any way I can. I consider Ed LaBlanc one of my coaching mentors (whether he’ll admit it our not), and am graced by the supportive twinkling smile of Tyler Costen, whom I blame for the whole mess.

    I am also honored to be mentored by Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion, and support his camps through Breakthrough Basketball.

    My amazing son attends the University of Puget Sound (Go Loggers!) as a freshman this year, and my astounding wife makes more money than me, and supports all my basketball nonsense. I will be survived by two cats we lovingly call “the raptors,” sure that you will find our bodies half eaten one day, just because they could do so.

    Reach out.  I am happy to help in any way.



    Welcome Nelson!  Love your sense of humour!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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