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    We just found out today that our region can return to indoor training with full contact play!!! ? 

    It could not have come soon enough as we’ve run out of light to train outdoors on week days after school, it rains more days than not, when we can train we’re sweeping water, mud and leaves off the court. Oh, yeah, it’s freezing too!! 

    Although we are happy and hugely relieved to go back indoors, we have benefited from it as well. On a broad note, it put basketball outside where folk could see it for a change – we actually recruited younger players just by exposing passers-by to the sport. 

    From a team perspective, it really brought the boys together in ways we haven’t experienced before. They embraced adversity without being encouraged to do so. They supported each other more and me too.

    I really think that we have all grown from the experience of lock down through to now. I fully expect to bounce back outside as the virus levels fluctuate, but, for now I’m grateful to be going back inside.

    I think gratitude and appreciation of what we had prior to the pandemic is perhaps one of our biggest growth areas from this experience. I’ve noticed as well that the boys are expressing their gratitude to me and really engaging with me, as well as offering to help more than ever before. I wish it hadn’t taken a pandemic for it to occur, but at least it wasn’t all bad. 

    Tomorrow we’ll hopefully have our last outdoor conditioning for an extended period. Under the park’s floodlights, we’ll discuss loneliness and emotions that can make us feel alone as part of a teen suicide prevention initiative and then carve pumpkins (with some communication challenges).

    We’re donating the pumpkins to a local nursing home – if any part of our society experienced loneliness during the pandemic, I’m sure it was the elderly in care homes (all of which were closed to visitors and now have extremely limited visiting).

    I’m so looking forward to that first indoor training…. ? 


    Ruth that’s awesome. And your creative team activities sound fun. Hope it all went well!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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