Glue is an adhesive, and according to Webster’s Dictionary, the physics definition of adhesive is “a force that exists in the area of contact between unlike bodies and that acts to unite them.”

That’s a tad too scientific for me.  Let’s just say that glue holds stuff together!

Who is the glue on your team?  Who holds your team together? Who keeps your team focused? Who does all of the little things in practice and in games to make your team successful?

That person is a Glue Guy or Glue Girl!

How do you spot a Glue Guy? They are often seen:

A Glue Guy doesn’t care about how many points they score or how many minutes they play. All they care about is the team winning and knowing they did everything within their role to contribute to the team’s success; regardless of how large or small that role is.

Every team needs a Glue Guy. Every team needs a player who will make all of the sacrifices necessary to hold the team together.  Glue Guys are even more important during the playoffs.

If your Glue Guy is also your most talented player… I am willing to bet your team will maximize their potential.

If you want your team to make a serious run at a conference, league, or state championship; I suggest you either say a sincere thank you to your team’s Glue Guy; or become one yourself.

And for those of you who have already completed your season, Glue Guys are equally important in the off-season.  After all, who else will hold your team together before the first practice of next season?

Play hard. Have fun. Enjoy the journey.


Alan Stein
Hardwood Hustle

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