Recently, I was in Connecticut watching a 13U girl’s team coached by Ulysses Garcia along with the 12U and 11U teams in his South Windsor Girls Travel organization. (You’ll hear more from Ulysses very soon.)

Up to that point, his teams had only been through a couple of practices and were just now getting comfortable with Pass & Cut. Because of this, we decided to go deeper into the actions of Layer 1 rather than pushing the girls to stack more layers atop Layer 1.

There is depth to what seems like such simple basketball actions in Layer 1. In fact, there’s depth within almost all of the layers if you’ll take the time to explore it… and it doesn’t just apply to Youth Basketball.

My point is this. Success with the Read & React is not always a function of how quickly you can move from one layer to another or how many layers you can put in by the end of the season, sometimes, it’s a matter of mastering every nuance of a few layers.

With that in mind, we’ll be featuring a couple of videos in the next couple of weeks showing how adding some depth to your basic layers can add a whole new dimension to your offensive attack.

Actually, now you can find those here:

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