There’s a lot of great stuff going on in the forums… too much really to leave it alone, just sitting there. So, I’ve decided to post a forum inspired post every day for the next 5 days (there’s plenty more good stuff than that, but I thought I’d start there). Today is day 1, inspired by this forum thread and VMI04, MJL23, Blue, Rick, and TJ.

So, when you’re putting in the Read & React for the first time, how do you promote buy in from your players?

Well, in developing a strategy, the first question you need to ask yourself is what sold you on the system? There was obviously a reason that you ordered the DVDs, watched the footage, and decided that this would be your offense. Can you tweak the benefits that sold you into language that your players will respond to?

Try asking your team several questions. Use their answers to these questions as justification for choosing the Read & React. And, yes, these are leading questions. Kind of like, would you rather have an ice cream cone or stick your hand in a bear trap? Oh, an ice cream cone? Then, let’s run the Read & React.

Or, approach the leaders of your team, show them the offense and what it can do. Maybe teach them a bit of it on paper, show them game footage, show them some of the video (you can see seven min of layer 1 here like bshutter suggested below), show them where the scoring opportunities are going to come from. Tell them that this is a system gaining momentum every day and your team is the first in the league to get on board. Tell them they have a chance to be part of a movement to change the way the game is played. (Ok, I’ll calm down, now.) Get them excited about it, then they can spread that excitement.

But, ultimately, it’s your passion and enthusiasm for the system that will lead the way. Know why you are running it, stick to your guns, be creative in practice, and your team will quickly follow your lead.

How have you sold the Read & React to your team? Let us know what worked for you in the comments section. Or, simply add to the list of questions.

And, those who frequent the forum, know of any threads that would make a good post, place the link and topic in the comments and I’ll make it happen.

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  1. I sold it to my team by asking questions. Are you happy running the same patterns over and over game or do you want to run an offense that is new and excited and no one in our league as seen or heard of. I was sold as soon as it said run it the same way against man and zone.

    My Players have become alot better and practice are alot more competitive which translate to the games we have seen points go to 25 to 30 points a game to 40-50 points a game

    Coach Quarles
    Chandler, AZ

  2. I know this is not necessarily for this post, but I love the R&R and the different ideas for structure and flexibility. However, I think I want to incorporate some more options off a screen away but am not sure how to incorporate that when I have taught the kids to pass and cut every time. I like the option to read screens and create mismatches. I know it’s not always easy for kids to do that, but has anyone incorporated that along with the pass & cut? Thanks for all you do!

    Coach Wood
    Charlevoix, MI

    1. From a 5out set, I have added Pass and X cut to the Pass and Cut Layer. If the point passes to a wing, they can either cut as usual or screen for the player that is filling up. Then it becomes a defensive read. If the defense switches, it’s a screen and roll. If they don’t switch, we curl the screen to the basket for a layup.

      If we have the ball on the wing and pass the ball back to the top, we down screen the corner. The same defensive read applies…if they switch, roll to the basket, if they don’t switch…curl the screen.

      Once they get comfortable with the action of screening away, down screening and reading the defense. I’ve found that our defense starts cheating in practice. They would start hedging the screens to try and give themselves an advantage during our drills. I didn’t stop them from cheating, instead I used it as an opportunity to teach reading the defense. A cheating defense is a great opportunity to start slipping the screens.

  3. Hey,

    This September i will travel to Wisconsin to hopefully play high school ball at the varsity team. I wonder if they run it? however, coming in to a new place and beeing completly unknown, what would be the best thing for me to do, as far as implomenting the R n R ?

  4. What sold me on the offense-
    I was a motion coach that was looking for an offense that had the freedom of Motion but with a little more structure. Something that I could give to my youth coaches that was more concrete. I was sick of them looking at me like I was crazy when I told them about our Motion Offense.

    How did I sell my players-
    1. Sent the link of layer 1 from the website to my Captains and asked them what they thought.
    2. Talked to them about how it was not much different then our Motion but that it would lead them to making better decisions. It would lead them to the next best action.
    3. We have a former player that plays in the same confernce as the Coe Women. I talked to them about the success of their program and what my former player said about playing against it.
    4. Talked about it being used by the Iowa Women

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