A clever ball handler that wants to drive to the basket can create “Real Estate” for themselves by simply Dribbling-At a teammate.  The teammate cutting to the basket, creates the opportunity for for the ball handler to “Draft Drive”.   By training ball-handlers using the “At-At-Draft” drill, ball-handlers can learn  larger than normal “Real Estate” occurs.   This large “Real Estate” is produced by the ball handler Dribbling-At two teammates and them cutting.  The cutters pull the natural help defenders away from the ball handler.

Coach Torbett illustrates the “At-At-Draft” in the video for Read and React Youth Practices : Practice 5 – 2 Dribble-At Draft Drive Drills + Dribble-At Post-Up Drill .

In the following diagrams, (I used FastDraw to created these), the “At-At-Draft” drill is shown starting from the corner spot. However, this drill can be done from any spot where two Dribble-At moves are made in the same direction. The cutters in this drill are also cutting, filling and setting replacement screens (back screens) on the opposite side of the floor.  If the cutters were to fill out to the same side of the floor, the “Real Estate” that is created would be much smaller, if not eliminated altogether.  When training the drill, don’t let the ball-handler pause too long before the Dribble-At actions.

Frame 1



Frame 2



Look for a series starting next week on training screening actions!

[author ]Loren Tillman has been coaching for over 15 years at all levels of basketball.  Coach Tillman started running the Read and React 8 years ago with a 4th grade boys AAU team.  He has installed it with great success as a Girls High School Head Coach and for the last three years as a Boys High School Head Coach in the Seatlle, WA area.  Coach Tillman is also involved with PGC Basketball, most recently as a basket instructor for their summer courses.

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