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From the desk of Mano Watsa

Owner & President, PGC Coaching

Dear future PGC Member,

If you’re reading this message, I’m going to safely assume you’re a basketball coach who cares deeply about the success of your program.

If I’ve got this all wrong and you are here by mistake, you can safely leave this page without a worry in the world.

On the other hand, if I’m right…

… and you are in fact the kind of coach who wants to quickly help your team build a more competitive culture that leads to consistent progress and winning more games…

Here's What Thousands of High School, NCAA, NBA & WNBA Coaches Have Done to Accomplish Exactly That And How You Can Too...

Here’s the secret.

Given the rapid pace of today’s game and the number of online coaching resources competing for your attention, it’s never been easier for you to get ahead of your competition.


And guess what?

It doesn’t require having the most talented players or being the best at X’s & O’s.

And it doesn’t require having ALL the right answers ALL THE TIME.

It’s actually a very simple matter when one cuts through all the smoke. It’s cutting through the smoke that’s the hard part.

In fact, if you’ve yet to develop your coaching acumen to the level you want or you’ve tried other approaches with limited success…

… it likely has nothing to do with you.

You see, given the amount of information available online, it’s no wonder so many coaches are getting burnt out, frustrated and leaving the game.

If you’ve ever felt like this, take a deep breath and relax.

We’re about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke, and make things as simple as possible…

In fact, we’ll drill it down to just one single thing.

But before you read any further, it’s important for you to know something.

Who is this for?


If you're new to coaching or lack experience and know you have a lot to learn, then keep reading.

Because what I'm about to reveal to you has already helped hundreds and hundreds of first year coaches create the kind of competitive culture that we all dream of.

For example, take Brady Bomber, who said this after joining our club:

"I had no idea what I was doing during my first year coaching varsity high school girls, but I've now won the state title 4 seasons in a row and I know exactly how to put my girls in a position to succeed."
Brady Bomber
Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach, Lynden Christian


If you're an experienced coach or you've recently gotten back in the game after some time away, then keep reading.

Because what I'm about to reveal to you has already given bleachers full of coaches a new perspective on coaching at a high level and re-ignited their passion for teaching.

For example, take Oris Bryant, who said this after joining our club:

"I didn't necessarily feel like I needed to change anything when I took over as boys head coach, but was rather looking for affirmation and clarity on what I was already thinking."
Oris Bryant
Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach, Nobles Day Camp

Here’s the real reason achieving consistent progress with your team is such a struggle... and how to make the struggle go away!

Having a gameplan for what to focus on with your team each week doesn’t have to be complicated.

As I said earlier…

You don’t have to be an amazing Xs and Os coach, chock-full of great tactics and strategies, or a coaching protégé to get results for your team.

Nor do you have to spend hours on end staring at film, feeling stressed, worried or anxious you’re overlooking a key problem, or second-guessing if you ran your practice effectively…


In my experience, there’s one main reason coaches struggle to be the coach they want to be.

They don’t have a simple coaching blueprint for building highly-successful, winning teams

A blueprint so easy, and so uncomplicated…

… it removes all the “guessing” games that can paralyze you when it comes to leading your team, building culture, developing players, implementing systems and strategies, and everything else required for a team’s success.

Wouldn’t that be nice to have at your fingertips? 

I know I would’ve killed for a done-for-you coaching “roadmap” like this back in my early coaching days. 

Speaking of which… 

To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing back when I first started coaching.

I was determined to get better but I never really had a mentor to help point me in the right direction, which left me a bit unsure of myself and the decisions I was making for our team. 

Sometimes I felt like I was letting my players down.

Other times I felt like I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

And oftentimes, I spent many sleepless nights laying awake, second-guessing myself.

Fortunately, in the middle of one of those sleepless nights, I had an epiphany. 

It suddenly dawned on me that if I was going to have any real impact with my coaching career, I couldn’t do it all on my own anymore. 

So, I got serious: 

I reached out to my small network of coaches praying (I’m a man of faith) someone would point me in the right direction. 

Not long after, my prayers were answered!

Well, kinda…

I started hearing murmurs of a fascinating story making its way through the grapevine… 

There were rumors of top basketball recruits foregoing their DI scholarships to go play for some guy at a tiny DII school called Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia – population 785 people. 

I couldn’t help but wonder… 

Why on God’s earth would any player ditch their DI scholarship to go spend some of the best years of their life in the middle of nowhere? 

Did the school even have a real gym?

Well, as it turned out, they had a whole lot more than that…

In fact, there was something very, very special going on down there.

You see, they had this coach named T.J. Rosene, who was quickly becoming well-known to coaches “in the know” across the country for his ability to extract EVERY ounce of potential out of his players and turn them into world-class leaders and champions.

And we’re not just talking about on the court…

We’re talking about things that go WAY beyond the game of basketball.

T.J. had a knack for shaping young boys into men.

He taught his players how to be accountable in their daily lives…

How to rise above adversity…

How to have difficult conversations with the people closest to them…

How to have a growth mindset in everything they do…

And so much more…

But most importantly:

Coach TJ Rosene, 3x National Coach of the Year, leading his team to one of over 400 career wins and 3 National Titles

He taught them how to love each other and WIN TOGETHER – in all aspects of life.

And that’s why I was so excited when I finally got the opportunity to meet T.J. and learn his biggest secrets.

I couldn’t help but wonder what he knew that most coaches didn’t.

As it turned out…

... he had developed a simple, repeatable system that takes all the guess work out of coaching and makes it easy to become a transformational coach who players are eager to follow.

And after years of getting to know T.J. better and getting lucky enough to call him one of my closest friends, I finally convinced him it would be a good idea to share his secret system for developing high-performing teams with other coaches.

But knowing how busy coaches are these days, I knew if it was going to work for others, we’d have to work together to break it down into a few easy-to-implement steps. We call it:

The Key 5 Coaching Blueprint

This formula will transform you and your team, by enabling you to quickly and easily discover exactly what to focus on right now, making your team unstoppable…

I’m not just talking about the building blocks of a good team.

I’m talking about EVERYTHING required to build an absolutely dominant basketball program that over time becomes known as the most competitive program in the league… 

… and equips your players with the skills they need to be successful on the court and later in life.

The Key5 Coaching Blueprint is still to this day TJ’s secret weapon as a coach, and the reason why he’s been named 3x National Coach of the Year while amassing over 400 career wins and 3 National Titles.

Over the years, the Blueprint has helped thousands of coaches to create their own dream team… fast and without any guessing… 

… including high school, rookie and veteran college coaches, and WNBA and NBA coaches. 

Even coaches who thought they’d never crack the code and had no shot at transforming their team have experienced huge wins using the Blueprint.

... And now, you can get your hands on our blueprint, too, when you join the PGC Coaching Club!

Once you see the blueprint and watch the trainings that go with it, you’re going to know exactly how to transform your team to have your best season ever.

It doesn’t matter whether you just got the head coaching job or have over 40 years at the helm of your program. This blueprint for transforming teams (and players lives) can be used by any dedicated coach.

And when you put it into action, I think you’ll be amazed at:

Now, before we go any further, I must warn you of two things:

1. The ONLY way to get your hands on the Blueprint is to join the PGC Coaching Club.

Why do we keep it locked up behind closed doors?

Think of it like this… If every coach had the Blueprint, you’d all have access to the same information, which means you’d basically lose any unfair advantage over your competition on the court.

I mean, you still want to win games too right?

2. The PGC Coaching Club is not for every coach.

The way I see it, there are two kinds of coaches in today’s basketball world.

Otherwise known as an “average joe coach”… A coach who continues doing what they’ve always done and hoping their team magically gets better.

What we refer to as a “dedicated coach”… A coach who commits to investing time in their own development as a coach and transformational leader.

If you think you’re more like Coach #1 (i.e. you don’t consider helping your players develop life-changing habits a top priority)…

… then what I’m about to say next may not be for you.

However, if you’re more like Coach #2, you’ll be happy to hear…

… this Blueprint, along with all the perks inside the PGC Coaching Club, has brought a tremendous amount of clarity and confidence to thousands of high school, NCAA, NBA and WNBA coaches who have wisely taken the time to learn it and implement it.

Such as:

Until the time I retire, I will not leave PGC for any reason unless I ABSOLUTELY have to!

"I joined PGC because I didn’t have a mentor and I needed somebody or a group I could go to to ask questions, jump on calls, get feedback from coaches who were having similar issues. I actually used the fact that I’m a PGC Coaching member to help me get my Head Coaching job."
Kevin Carr
Smith-Cotton Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
I was sick of feeling like I was on an island and feeling lonely and like I had to have all the answers all the time...

"I had just stepped into a head coaching roll and was looking for resources to help make that transition. I wanted things to be different than the first time around as a head coach when I struggled to build relationships with players. Since joining PGC Coaching I feel like I come back every summer with a renewed passion for the game and coaching and what it’s all about. I also love being around the infectious energy of like-minded people."
Kristen Rogers
Marian University Head Women's Basketball Coach
I used to have all these ideas in my head but oftentimes didn't know what route to take to implement them.

"Once I joined PGC Coaching I quickly realized the Key 5 Coaching Blueprint would be a good structured coaching system to get me to where I wanted to be. I also enjoy knowing if I have a tough game or situation coming up, I know I can reach out to another member and bounce ideas off them so I can feel more confident."
Stevie Jones
Academic Magnet High School Head Varisty Girls Basketball Coach

What’s more…

Our club members include some highly respected transformational coaches in the game today…

Many of them credit us with providing the path that catapulted their career.

Such as:

PGC Coaching is a game-changer!

"The 5 aspects of becoming a master coach has brought clarity to the way I see myself as a coach, continue to grow as a coach, and how I can help others grow."
Ronald Nored
Assistant Coach, Indiana Pacers
PGC Coaching addresses the areas of coaching most only talk about...

"We instinctively know we should master these 5 areas, but how? PGC gives you the plan, the methods, and the support."
Rick Torbett
Founder & CEO, Better Basketball
GREAT resource for coaches at all levels!

"If you want to feel inspired on your coaching journey and improve as a coach, teacher and learner of the game, PGC Coaching is for you."
Jenny Boucek
Assistant Coach, Indiana Pacers,

As a group, we’ve personally mentored and trained over 15,000 High School, NCAA, NBA and WNBA coaches… and transformed them from struggling to win games and compete, into championship-winning powerhouses.

And, we’d love to help you too…

… like we’ve helped thousands of others… by walking you step-by-step through our very straightforward, easy to implement, Key 5 Coaching Blueprint.

What makes the Key 5 Coaching Blueprint unique?

There are many online courses, YouTube videos, books, DVDs and clinics that promise to show you how to coach effectively.

But none of them boil down the process in such a simple, systematic, and progressive way that the Key 5 Blueprint does.

I’m about to hand you a proven roadmap for transforming your team, possibly in as little as one day.

It’s been perfected over 15 years, by training over 15,000 coaches.

You’ll learn the system fast, by watching value-packed videos, and doing short, fun, easy-to-understand exercises.

Go through these fun exercises at your own pace…

… and by the time you’ve completed them, your team will be light years ahead of what you ever imagined was possible.

And whether you’re a rookie coach, just landed a new head coaching job, or a veteran master teacher, you can use this simple blueprint over and over again, to make your life as a coach so much easier and more fulfilling.

What’s more:

To make absolutely sure you learn everything we know about creating highly competitive teams, you can have an experienced and successful coach…

… give you feedback on anything you want related to coaching…

… ensure you get the maximum value from the Key 5 Coaching Blueprint, as fast as possible. (More details on this below.)

But remember…

All of this is only made possible IF you join the PGC Coaching Club.

Here's How the PGC Coaching Club Works, and What Happens immediately After a Spot Opens Up For You...

Here's How PGC Coaching Membership Works, and What Happens Immediately After You Become a Member...

As soon as you become a member, you’ll get instant access to the entire training library.

This means you can get started learning how to be a better coach, as soon as today.

All of the Coaching Blueprint Lessons are available online, so you’ll be able to watch them whenever you want. You’ll never have to be anywhere or be online at any particular time. (Unless you’d like to join our LIVE round table calls… full details on this below.)

Inside the Coaching Blueprint, you’ll find…

As soon as a spot with your name on it opens up, and should you choose to accept your invite to join the club, you’ll get instant access to the training videos.

This means you can get started learning how to be a better coach, as soon as today.

All of the Key5 Coaching Blueprint Lessons are available online, so you’ll be able to watch them whenever you want. You’ll never have to be anywhere or be online at any particular time. (Accept if you’d like to join our LIVE coaching calls… full details on this below.)

Inside the Key5 Coaching Blueprint, you’ll find…

key 5 coaching blueprint graphic

… 25 Step-by-Step Courses Revealing Our Entire Transformational Coaching Process

Each course is designed to deliver one key element of the process behind building a highly competitive, inspired team, and helping your players reach their full potential.

As you complete each step, you’ll move toward a total understanding and mastery of being a complete coach.

You can see and feel your progress, too

… as everything stops being complicated… and starts becoming a comfortable, confident part of your coaching toolkit.

We’ll break down the exact process we use to give our team the best shot at success, including:

What’s more:

We’ll show you plenty of examples of how we win at practice night in and night out.

(No more second-guessing yourself on the drive home or at the dinner table…)

As you go through our blueprint…

… You’ll Learn to Transform Your Players in the Most Effective Way Possible

If you want to get really good at coaching and earn the respect of your peers faster than you ever dreamed possible…

… you’re in the right place.

And when you join PGC Coaching, you also get:

Instant access to the Key 5 Coaching Blueprint – including 25+ in-depth courses and systems!

This is what makes PGC Coaching unique to any other resource online... The Key 5 Coaching Blueprint is the roadmap we created for serious coaches who want to follow a proven track for success. Each do-it-at-your-own-pace course is 60-90 minutes and is separated into 4-7 sections (which you can mark as completed along the way) so you can go deep on any given topic including...



Opportunity to LOOK OVER OUR SHOULDER and SEE our real practices as we run through drills with our OWN TEAMS!

We'll show you how we implement proven basketball principles and strategies during our own practices so you can see the impact virtually in real time –– these methods are designed to quickly generate 'buy-in' from your entire program and create a positive culture most coaches only dream of.

Network with other like-minded coaches!

If you're like many PGC Coaching members, you might not currently have easy access to a network of other coaches. GOOD NEWS!... Whether you want to ask questions to help you prepare for an upcoming game or practice, trade film, meet up in your local area, or just riff on basketball, as a member of our private community we'll get you set up to do all this and a whole lot more.

Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching!

No prerecorded conversations or lectures on basketball. During our Roundtable discussions we talk about basketball topics and issues you're dealing with right now! Because generally speaking - if you're struggling with a problem - so are other coaches! So we're going to learn from each other. We'll walk you through the systems & strategies we're using with our own teams and drill down to show you what makes them work. Every other week is a working session on a different area of the game. But more importantly, it's a working session to get YOUR basketball knowledge up to speed! And having ACCESS to get ANSWERS to your questions in REAL time sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?

Monthly LIVE masterclasses!

Each month we'll dive DEEP into the most relevant topic based on which part of the season we're in. Topics include culture, leadership, master teaching, player development, systems & strategies and more.

Support from our team of expert PGC coaches!

You aren't alone on this journey! You have ACCESS to our team as your mentors – every other week! We will get to KNOW you and HELP you become a winning coach. We can't wait to guide you – and help you understand the minor tweaks that make all the difference between an "average joe" coach and a serious championship-caliber coach who transforms players lives.

Access to past LIVE trainings!

Too busy with the team and can't make a training? No problem! All live trainings are recorded. That means you can watch previous trainings at your convenience and continue learning throughout the week. You have 24/7 access to these trainings!

HUGE discounts on clinics, camps, coaching software & more!

One of the best perks of the club is saving money! Our team is always on the lookout for new ways to HOOK YOU UP with special deals on events, resources and software that we're confident can help you coach your best!

And many more upcoming surprises!

Complete Coach Guarantee

To make this a “no-brainer” decision, we’re giving you our “Complete Coach” 30-day guarantee of satisfaction…

… meaning you’re not risking anything by joining the club.

Here’s how it works:

Join our community and check out all the perks inside the PGC Coaching Club. You can even jump on all the LIVE coaching roundtable discussions and masterclasses… and if for any reason whatsoever you don’t find yourself gaining more confidence as a coach…

… then we’ll give you all your money back.

Just send us an email within 30 days, and you’ll receive a prompt 100% refund.

It's Decision Time...

All that’s really required to start your own transformational coaching journey is to:

1. Stop making excuses…

2. Find a trusted resource (like this) where you can quickly discover a proven blueprint for coaching effectively…

3. Get started today! (You literally have NOTHING to lose!)

What are you waiting for?

Questions & Answers

It sounds like you coach at the same schools we do. 😉  Here’s one thing we know — the most successful coaches (and people) invest in themselves. They understand that growing themselves is the key to all their future success — even when it’s difficult. If it’s any comfort, the majority of our members pay for themselves, so you’ll be in good company.

We get it, and that’s why we created a monthly option. You can join us for $39.99 and just use the membership for a few months each year when you need it the most. 

We think you’ll find a way to keep it though, as it’s more than worth the $1.33 a day and you’ll get a multiple of that small cost in return guaranteed.

We think you’ll love diving into everything we’ve created for you. But, if you’re not getting use out of it, you can just cancel at any time.

With few exceptions, everything we’ve created is applicable for coaches at all levels. Our members range from youth to professional coaches, and we have courses, videos, and live learning topics that are applicable to each level of coach.

Absolutely! All our yearly memberships can be paid by check. During check-out, choose to pay by check and we’ll email you further instructions. The best part is that you don’t need to wait, as we’ll give you access to all our content right away.

We can provide a customized invoice for you to give to your school, club, or program.

Just send an email to coach(at)

If you’d like to share your membership with your staff, please purchase our Premium Membership, which gives you PLUS two of your coaches access as well. Your coaches will receive their own login credentials and will be able to attend any of our coaching clinics for free ($295 savings).

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We heard you and we've created the solution.

Introducing PGC Coaching!

A new all-in-one resource to give you all the tools to win more games, transform your players, and enjoy the journey more. ​

Save over 80% and get 3 memberships for the price of 1 — just $397/year or $39/month with our limited-time offer.

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