The Read & React Offense isn’t just a concept or theory – it works in real basketball games, even at the highest levels. Early in Read & React’s existence, coaches wanted to see what it looked like in live action. Well, we’ve obliged.

Here are some clips from the University of Iowa women, who reached the BigTen Championship game in 2010. For more Read & React game clips from the Iowa women (and teams of all levels), check out our basketball video page.

Clip 1: This illustrates what I mean by a NORTH-SOUTH drive. The help defense must be across and deep, leaving the receiver plenty of time for the shot. Simple Layer 1 stuff.

Clip 2: The action is initiated with a ball-screen, but my point is the same as the previous clip; the ball handler drives NORTH-SOUTH (a legitimate attempt to score) help defense bites and the pitch and shot is easy.

Clip 3: An example of “An Intelligent Drive”: The wing’s defender is over the Read Line, so she cuts; she’s not open and so the ball handler drives “off the tail of her cut” because there’s no help defensive positions to stop her.

Clip 4: 4out – high post to mid post – Post Play Layer: the defense’s attention is on the cutters and eventually the post has a chance to score.

Clip 5: 4out – short corner post: Great Front Cut combined with Post Slide Layer. The Read & React allows everyone to know where their teammates will be.

Clip 6: 4out – mid post: Feed the Post and relocate + “the extra pass.”

Clip 7: 4out – mid post: If the post does not catch and immediately make a move to score, then waiting on the cutters (like she did) allows her a second chance to make a move – good timing and good spacing.

Clip 8: There’s nothing perfect about this clip and that’s why I like it. They work themselves out of their “screw-ups” – there’s a drive with good Circle Movement to create the Natural Pitch – the receiver drives against the grain of the close-out – discipline of those without the ball allows her to pull up in an open area for an uncontested shot. Another reason I like this clip is that it illustrates the “hunting” nature of the Read & React team.

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