With the Read & React Offense, a team can use various formations without altering the fundamental principles of the offense. You’ll see in the clips below, Iowa spends some of their time in 5out and some of their time in 4out (solely based on the personnel they have in the game at any given moment).

You’ll also see them flowing seamlessly between those formations. And, that’s where the Read & React can get really tough on the defense. You can see more examples of how the Read & React Offense pushes a defense to the limit, along with basketball game footage from all levels, at our Read & React Offense video page.

Clip 1: 4out High Post to 3out – middle drive.

Clip 2: 4out to 5out: The shot is missed, but then, what coach among us can control whether the ball goes in or not? I’m interested in the mix of Pass & Cut + Circle Reverse + Baseline Drive Natural Pitch; 3 Layers with “an extra pass” added.

Clip 3: 5out to 4out: using Pass & Cut to hunt for a drive opposite the direction of the cutters. The penetrator uses a cutter as a brush screen.

Clip 4: 5out: When defense doesn’t help, the penetrator finishes with a lay-up. Check out the spacing – that’s why it works.

Clip 5: 5out: This looks the same as the previous clip, but the penetrator chooses to drive on the side where only one defender could help – no help = lay-up.

Clip 6: 5out: Speed Dribble, Pass & Cut; using the Read Line, Penetrate & Pitch – just a good mix of 3 or 4 layers of the Read & React.

Clip 7: 4out: Great Front Cut right down the middle of the lane. The Read & React is so simple: “Simplicity allows players to be Decisive and Aggressive.” That is the perfect description of the Read & React and why it’s so powerful.

Clip 8: 4out High Post – Feed the Post layer: This illustrates the versatility of the Read & React. I like how the post player sees the screening opportunity after the pass.

Clip 9: A flare screen to start the action; good hunting, but nothing available; the guard uses the Power Back dribble to call for a sprint ball screen; no defender bites on the penetration, so she pulls up for the jumper.

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  1. I have watched the game clips and I think they’re quite interesting. I see that this team knows the read and react but they still need to work on their reads and reactions and drill more pass and cut, rear cut and circle movement.

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