North-South Penetrate & Pitch

Clip 1: I would have liked this clip better if #2 Kamille had filled up to the wing after her basket cut. In this position, she could still Circle Move to the corner when the ball drives. But on the wing, she would be one pass away. This gives the ball handler more options like a Speed Dribble or a Pass & Cut or a Read Line Rear Cut by Kamille. Regardless of my obsession for perfection, this illustrates the Drive & Pitch action of the first Layer of the Read & React.

Clip 2: This is a good illustration of North-South penetration during Transition. #11 Trisha Nesbitt gets her feet in the paint, makes the defense help across, and kicks the pass before getting too deep (going too deep is a common mistake). When the defense must help and recover from one foot in the lane to the perimeter, it’s too much to ask in most cases.

Clip 3: This “Draw & Kick” between #24 Jaime Printy and #2 Kamille Wahlin is identical to the very first drill on the Read & React Drills DVD. One North-South dribble creates helping motion from Kamille’s defender. Kamille Circle Moves from Guard Spot to Wing Spot, which creates greater space and a longer recovery for her defender. Jaime pitches while the window is open; just like the drill. Kamille optimizes her shot preparation by catching in a hop. It’s a simple game, isn’t it? Remember, simplicity allows you to be decisive and aggressive.

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