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Quit Guessing How To Be A Better Coach…

If you’re a dedicated basketball coach who would like to learn step-by-step how to build a more competitive team, create stronger relationships with your players, develop leaders, win more games, and have a more fulfilling career, you’re in the right place…

Introducing an Exclusive Community of Dedicated Coaches...


Created for coaches who want to become the 'complete' coach by impacting players on and off the court.

Our members strive to be role models for their players and have a huge impact on their lives using basketball to bring about positive transformation. And along the way, they get REALLY good at coaching too, even if they're new to the game and are relatively "inexperienced"!

Learn how to combine the 5 key aspects of coaching into a structured plan.

Our master teachers will take you by the hand and walk you through the 5 categories of our Key5 Coaching Blueprint –– Leadership, Culture, Master Teaching, Player Development and Systems & Strategies.

Personal mentorship from world class coaches.

Get your most pressing questions answered each week and join our LIVE coaching roundtables & masterclasses. PLUS, you'll become part of a network of like-minded coaches around the county who you can bounce ideas off of, trade film, get help preparing for upcoming practices & games, meet up locally, riff on basketball and much more...

The club is 'invite-only'.

For a limited time, you can request an invite to join our community of over 2,000 dedicated coaches.

"Watch the video above to see how quickly and easily you can navigate between the different courses & systems, LIVE interactive sessions, helpful search functionality and much more."
–– TJ Rosene
PGC Coaching Director of Coach Development
PGC Coaching is a game-changer!

"The 5 aspects of becoming a master coach has brought clarity to the way I see myself as a coach, continue to grow as a coach, and how I can help others grow."
Ronald Nored
Assistant Coach, Indiana Pacers
PGC Coaching addresses the areas of coaching most only talk about...

"We instinctively know we should master these 5 areas, but how? PGC gives you the plan, the methods, and the support."
Rick Torbett
Founder & CEO, Better Basketball
GREAT resource for coaches at all levels!

"If you want to feel inspired on your coaching journey and improve as a coach, teacher and learner of the game, PGC Coaching is for you."
Jenny Boucek
Assistant Coach, Indiana Pacers

Once Inside the Club...

You’ll never again have to feel like YOU have to have ALL the answers ALL THE TIME because our PGC Coaching master teachers have got your back.

Meet Your New Coaching Mentors...

TJ Rosene

3-Time National Coach of the Year

Mano Watsa

PGC Basketball President

Sam Allen

Blue Collar Basketball Founder

Rick Torbett

Founder of Better Basketball

Lisa O'Meara

Former College Coach

They’ll instantly become the basketball (and life) mentors you always wish you had (and who you can turn to for advice at any time). Together, they have over 125 years of coaching experience and have trained over 15,000 High School, NCAA, NBA and WNBA coaches.

Because we provide so much "hands-on" support to each of our members, we can't guarantee admission to every coach. But if you're a serious, dedicated coach, you can click the button below to request an invite. You will also get 3 FREE videos packed with valuable lessons and tips you can use to run more effective, more competitive practices...

What Our Members Say About PGC Coaching...

Here's Everything You Get as a PGC Coaching Club Member...

Instant access to the Key 5 Coaching Blueprint – including 25+ in-depth courses and systems!

This is what makes PGC Coaching different from any other resource online... The Key 5 Coaching Blueprint is the roadmap we created for serious coaches who want to follow a proven track for success. Each do-it-at-your-own-pace course is 60-90 minutes and is separated into 4-7 sections (which you can mark as completed along the way) so you can go deep on any given topic including...



Opportunity to LOOK OVER OUR SHOULDER and SEE our real practices as we run through drills with our OWN TEAMS!

We'll show you how we implement proven basketball principles and strategies during our own practices so you can see the impact virtually in real time –– these methods are designed to quickly generate 'buy-in' from your entire program and create a positive culture most coaches only dream of.

Network with other like-minded coaches!

If you're like many PGC Coaching members, you might not currently have easy access to a network of other coaches. GOOD NEWS!... Whether you want to ask questions to help you prepare for an upcoming game or practice, trade film, meet up in your local area, or just riff on basketball, as a member of our private community we'll get you set up to do all this and a whole lot more.

Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching! (we call them 'Roundtables')

No pre-recorded conversations or lectures on basketball. During our Roundtable discussions we talk about basketball topics and issues you're dealing with right now! Because generally speaking - if you're struggling with a problem - so are other coaches! So we're going to learn from each other. We'll walk you through the systems & strategies we're using with our own teams and drill down to show you what makes them work. Every other week is a working session on a different area of the game. But more importantly, it's a working session to get YOUR basketball knowledge up to speed! And having ACCESS to get ANSWERS to your questions in REAL time sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?

Monthly LIVE masterclasses!

Each month we'll dive DEEP into the most relevant topic based on which part of the season we're in. Topics include culture, leadership, master teaching, player development, systems & strategies and more.

Support from our team of expert PGC coaches!

You aren't alone on this journey! You have ACCESS to our team as your mentors – every other week! We will get to KNOW you and HELP you become a winning coach. We can't wait to guide you – and help you understand the minor tweaks that make all the difference between a "pretty good coach" and a serious championship-caliber coach who transforms players lives.

Access to past LIVE trainings!

Too busy with the team and can't make a training? No problem! All live trainings are recorded. That means you can watch previous trainings at your convenience and continue learning throughout the week. You have 24/7 access to these trainings!

HUGE discounts on clinics, camps, coaching software & more!

One of the best perks of the club is saving money! Our team is always on the lookout for new ways to HOOK YOU UP with special deals on events, resources and software that we're confident can help you coach your best!

And many more upcoming surprises!

Questions & Answers

It sounds like you coach at the same schools we do. 😉  Here's one thing we know — the most successful coaches (and people) invest in themselves. They understand that growing themselves is the key to all their future success — even when it's difficult. If it's any comfort, the majority of our members pay for themselves, so you'll be in good company.

We get it, and that's why we created a monthly option. You can join us for $39.99 and just use the membership for a few months each year when you need it the most. 

We think you'll find a way to keep it though, as it's more than worth the $1.33 a day and you'll get a multiple of that small cost in return guaranteed.

We think you'll love diving into everything we've created for you. But, if you're not getting use out of it, you can just cancel at any time.

With few exceptions, everything we’ve created is applicable for coaches at all levels. Our members range from youth to professional coaches, and we have courses, videos, and live learning topics that are applicable to each level of coach.

Absolutely! All our yearly memberships can be paid by check. During check-out, choose to pay by check and we’ll email you further instructions. The best part is that you don’t need to wait, as we’ll give you access to all our content right away.

We can provide a customized invoice for you to give to your school, club, or program.

Just send an email to coach(at)

If you'd like to share your membership with your staff, please purchase our Premium Membership, which gives you PLUS two of your coaches access as well. Your coaches will receive their own login credentials and will be able to attend any of our coaching clinics for free ($295 savings).

Complete Coach Guarantee

To make this a “no-brainer” decision, we’re giving you our “Complete Coach” 30-day guarantee of satisfaction…

… meaning you’re not risking anything by joining the club.

Here’s how it works:

Join our community and check out all the perks inside the PGC Coaching Club. You can even jump on all the LIVE coaching roundtable discussions and masterclasses… and if for any reason whatsoever you don’t find yourself gaining more confidence as a coach…

… then we’ll give you all your money back.

PLUS, we’ll buy you a 1-month membership to any other basketball coaching resource of your choice. (We’re dead serious)

Just send us an email within 30 days, and you’ll receive a prompt 100% refund plus a check to buy your 1-month membership somewhere else.

3 Powerful Brands Have Come Together

PGC Basketball
Better Basketball Logo
Key5 Coaching

Giving you a world-class, easy-to-use resource — all in one place.

As You Start Preparing for Next Season...

Coaches have told us for years they want a one-stop shop with real answers.

We heard you and we've created the solution.

Introducing PGC Coaching!

A new all-in-one resource to give you all the tools to win more games, transform your players, and enjoy the journey more. ​

Save over 80% and get 3 memberships for the price of 1 — just $397/year or $39/month with our limited-time offer.

A PGC Coaching Membership Gives You Access to:

Look Inside the PGC Coaching Platform

Watch as PGC Director TJ Rosene Shows You...

Play Video

Why Coaches Trust PGC
Over 10,000 dedicated coaches have been trained by PGC over the past 25 years.

An unbeatable value

Your PGC Coaching membership might be the best thing you've ever done for your coaching. This is your time to become the coach you've always wanted to be.

Save yourself time

Let us save you hundreds of hours of searching, tinkering and frustration. We've done the hard work to deliver everything you need.

It's affordable

It's time for you to transform your program into a regular championship contender. The question is "Can I afford not to join?"

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14-Day Shooting Course

Regularly $995 per team, get our Online Shooting Course FREE for your entire team.

Each day includes in-depth teaching, film breakdown, and focused workouts to transform your team’s shooting.

Bonus #2

2021 Fall Clinic Videos

  • Get access to the video replay of our 2021 Phoenix clinic, with sessions by: 
  • Phil Beckner, Ed Schilling, TJ Rosene,  Sam Allen, and Molly Miller.
  •  13 Videos – $295 value

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