Kermit Davis spoke at the PGC Clinic in Atlanta in the Fall of 2014 and discussed the culture at Middle Tennessee State and their emphasis on pre-practice player development.


  1. Everybody in the room is into the same process.
  2. We get great satisfaction from success to others in the room.
  3. Avoid slogans in the locker room, instead we use signs with common terminology that we use on a frequent basis.

Emphasis in Practice

Contesting Shots
Be 2nd in the Air —>Shooter is 1st in the Air

Vs Ball Fakes and Jabs
Think “STRAIGHT BACK”. Rather than moving to cut off the angle, take one step straight back first to make it easier to beat the offense to the spot.



  1. 30 second sprints – Line players across baseline and must sprint to half-court and back 5 times…STAYING IN A LINE.
  2. Dribble Pounds – Dribble pound several time and then slam (stick) the ball into the floor
  3. Circle around a coach / player = Circle passing with 2 balls

Rip Drills with Defense

Dribble Follows

Player 1 dribbles to the top of the key and passes back to 2. 1 cuts down the lane and receives a pass back for a finish against contact.

Perform both sides and incorporate all 5 spots.


Wing-Deny Closeouts


Post Entry Movement

Each player is getting a shot in this drill.


Dribble Weave Shooting


1-on-1 Post Cone Closeout


1-on-1 Post Foot Fight



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