Chest & Shoulder Reads

We hope you’re paying attention today. Chest & Shoulder Reads have the potential to elevate your in-game decision making to a whole new level. While most players pass once they see help on a drive, elite point guards and playmakers know there’s a difference between shoulder help and chest help.Pro Tip: After watching this breakdown, spend 10 minutes watching film of your drives from last season and see how often you made the correct decision in this situation. You might be surprised how often you gave the ball up too early!

Film Study: RACE (Don’t Rush)

We’ve got to warn you, this Film Study might be the most important video in this entire library. Understanding how to properly attack in transition has the potential to be one of the biggest game-changers for you this season. Average players look to attack when they have numbers. Special players look to attack early, and they look to attack often … especially when they see a disorganized defense.Make sure to have your notebook ready as Tyler goes DEEP into the concept of racing the ball in transition. You’ll want to make sure and write down every golden nugget he gives you. #DroppingDimes 

Importance of Reminders

Leaders understand that what you do now, in the moment, is what you’re going to do in the biggest moment of your career. And while many players stay introspective and self-focused during workouts and practices, great leaders know that’s the best time to build the habit of reminders. Anyone can give a reminder after the fact. Great leaders give reminders before they’re necessary.Pro Tip: In your next practice, track how many reminders you give your teammates and coaches. See if you can raise the level of reminders across the entire gym.

Film Study: Leadership Intangibles 3

The best players and best leaders know and do specific things that other players either aren’t aware of or don’t value. If you truly want to be great, it’s time to learn from the greats.  In our final Leadership Intangibles video, PGC Director Matt McLeod breaks down the thoughts, habits, and actions of special players and how you can incorporate these same things into your game.

Film Study: Leadership Intangibles 2

Another Film Study, another opportunity to get better! In our second Leadership Intangibles breakdown, join PGC Director Matt McLeod as he looks at how players can lead through their approach to various situations – both on and off the court. Prop Tip: Have your notebook handy! When you write down the things you want to remember, you’re less likely to forget!

Dynamic Jump Stops

To become dangerous in the paint, you must force the defense to help on your attack. Yet most players aren’t able to draw help because they don’t cover enough ground.  That’s where the dynamic jumpstop (DJ) comes in. Not only will it allow you to cover more ground on your drives, but you’ll also land more balanced, allowing you to absorb contact and play through fouls.  Once you master this skill, you’ll be able to  Stop on a dime to freeze a shot blocker. Initiate and absorb contact.Have better body control (fewer charges).Buy more time in the paint.Look more poised (Referees reward players who play controlled). Pro Tip:– Cover lots of ground with your DJ.– Land low and on balance.

Film Study: The Importance of Hunting the Paint

Elite level players like Luca Doncic, LeBron James, and Sue Bird understand that when you’re on offense, the paint is the best place to make something good happen. Period.  And not only do these high-level players intentionally and eagerly hunt the paint, but they also know the four key components to make better decisions once they get there. Listen in as Tyler breaks down these four components to help you be more successful in playmaking opportunities. Pro Tip: After you’ve watched this Film Study, drop two things into the comments below. 1) Which of the four P’s are you most successful using during games? 2) Which of the four P’s do you need to spend more time training so you can be more productive when you get to the paint?

Leading Difficult Teammates

One of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make as a leader is deciding what to do with difficult teammates. While it’s easy to blow them off or give up on them, special leaders understand the importance of taking the time to properly lead them. In this video, Tyler and Chad will give you some practical and immediately actionable advice on how you can lead difficult teammates and raise the ceiling of possibilities for your team this season.

Snaking Ball Screens

Let’s talk about ball screens. Many players work on the skill set to be good in ball screen situations, but most often they don’t truly understand the nuance of making the correct read. High-level playmakers don’t only have great skills, they also make great decisions and know exactly when to use those skills. In this video, Tyler breaks down the why and the when of snaking ball screens.