March Madness Extravaganza

The greatest month in all of sports is upon us, and we feel like celebrating. While March Madness is the ultimate in basketball excitement for fans, it is also an incredible learning opportunity for players and coaches. Basketball is everywhere you look right now and, if you pay enough attention, you can get years worth of basketball education in just over a month.

To that end, we will be posting 31 days worth of free videos, articles, quotes, contests, gifts, special offers and opportunities. There is nothing you have to buy or subscribe to. We just love basketball and want to give back to coaches.

So, without further adieu…


Teaching in Three’s

by Rick Torbett (@RickTorbett)

During time-outs, keep your instructions to a maximum of THREE things. Otherwise your players won’t remember them. Break with a few seconds left and require your captain to repeat your instructions to the other four in a second huddle as they take the floor.

Pre-game speeches are overrated; so are half-time speeches. Keep it to THREE things:

  1. CORRECTIONS : things to stop doing to win.
  2. COMMANDS: things to start doing to win.
  3. CONCISE: pump their pride, and get out of there. Practice is where you do your coachingand games will only show what you’ve been practicing.

Common advice that I hear coaches giving to players is: Develop a “go-to move” where you have a high degree of confidence in scoring or being fouled. This is good advice, but let’s take it a step further. Coaches should develop a:

  1. Go-to player, with a
  2. Go-to play, where that player can use his/her
  3. Go-to move with a high degree of confidence in scoring or being fouled.


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