Several years ago University of Florida head coach Billy Donovan spoke on how the Gators Utilize the 3-Point Shot vs Man and Zone Defenses. Below is a small portion of his lecture:

We try to gain an advantage at the three-point line by creating situations offensively by using it and by taking it away defensively.
In order to accomplish this at my level, we recruit better shooters. But at the high school level and lower, you must get your shooters better.

4 Ways We Look for 3-Pointers

1. Transition– Push the ball hard for early shots in transition.
2. Dribble Penetration– Drive and kick opportunities.
3. Post Kickouts– Passing out of double-teams followed by ball reversal.
4. Offensive Rebounds– Best time for open threes. Post players feel that they’re entitled to shoot the ball off of an offensive rebound, but this is a great time to find a shooter sprinting to spots in open areas.

The more you can force the defense to make hard closeouts, the greater chance you have of getting into the paint. So, your thinking offensively should be “How do I create closeout opportunities?”

Transition Style of Play

  • A team changing from offense to defense is one of the most difficult things in basketball. Exploit this!
  • On a missed shot, it’s a free-for-all, get the ball out and score as quickly as possible.
  • On a made shot, we want the ball to be inbounded as quickly as possible by whichever post player is closest to the ball. We want the ball advanced up the floor as quickly as possible as well. During (Florida’s) practices, if ball isn’t across half court in 3 seconds it is an automatic turnover.
  • No set lanes, I wants my players to play.
    • Wings run their lanes as wide as possible and sprint up the floor. If the two happen to be on the same side, it’s the 2nd player’s responsibility to call “push” and send the first wing through to the other side. –
  • Random ball screens: If our first post player down the court is behind the ball or not in position to get the ball in the low post in transition, it’s an automatic flat ball screen.


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