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“What are you doing to continue your development as a coach?” We are always promoting work ethic and skill improvement to our players. The coach must also remember that they must continue to work and improve as well. Below is a list of 8 things coaches can do to help themselves grow as a coach:

  1. Meet regularly with your coaching staff. The off-season is a great time to meet and share thoughts and ideas with each other. Have an agenda for your meetings. Talk personnel, X’s and O’s, scheduling, practice design, overall philosophy, potential changes to be made, etc.
  2. Coaches Roundtables. If you have a chance to become involved with a roundtable discussion with other coaches, do it. It is a great opportunity to collaborate, learn, and network with other coaches.
  3. Coaching DVDs. Set aside some money in your team’s budget (or personal budget) that allows you to purchase a few DVDs each year. You may not use everything you see on a DVD, but if you pick up one thing you can use for your program it is worth the purchase.
  4. Attend coaching clinics. One of the great things about coaching clinics is you get to see a variety of coaches speak on different topics. Another benefit of attending a clinic is getting to connect with other coaches. There are a lot of quality side-discussions with clinic attendees that occur at clinics where you can pick up some great information.
  5. Attend college practices. If you have a college team in your area, contact them and ask if you can attend practices. Bring a notebook and be ready to take some notes.
  6. Contact other coaches to learn about something they do that you really like. Typically coaches are willing to share with each other.
  7. Focus on all aspects of coaching. Don’t just focus on the X’s and O’s of the game. Learn more about building relationships, motivation, and other aspects of this nature.
  8. Remember that none of us know it all. So keep an open mind to listening, watching, and to even possibly change.


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