Coach TJ Rosene and the Emmanuel College Lions advanced to the NAIA D1 Men’s National Championship with a 76-72 victory over MidAmerica Nazarene yesterday!

Here are some video clips from the end of the game:

The Lions (33-3) advance to their first-ever national championship game. You can watch the National Championship Game live on ESPN3 (click here for details) at 8:02pm ET on Tuesday, March 25th.

We will be doing a live tweet and discussing the game from our @BtrBasketball account on Twitter using #goeclions. Follow along and join the conversation!


Today’s free videos will be dedicated to Coach Rosene and his team. First, an inside look at an Emmanuel College Practice:


This Quick Hitters video was scripted almost entirely by Coach Rosene:

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  1. Lars-Christian says:

    I can’t find anything about that Lions game on the ESPN player app

    1. Coach Czes says:

      Make sure you set the filter to ESPN3.