Rebounding out of the Read & React
by Rick Torbett

As a follow-up to the article on Spacing & Rebounding, let’s look at the 5 OUT formation and players’ positions when a shot is taken.

Example 1: The Point Player drives to the goal. (It could be any of the 5 players).

Layer 4 Circle Movement would send the wing to the corner and the corner player to the other corner. Pretend the point pitches the ball to the wing sliding to the corner for a shot. At that point in time, there are two players in the lane area: the Point Player who just passed the ball and the corner player who is cutting under the goal on the way to the other corner. In other words, when the shot is taken, there are two players around the basket. One player has rotated to the top of the key and is responsible for being “back on defense”. If the shooter is not included, there’s only one other player who is on the perimeter. If this player is made responsible for running down long rebounds, I think you have pretty good offensive rebounding coverage.

Example 2: If a perimeter shot is taken during a Pass and Cut action, there is at least one player is in the lane completing a basket cut.

Most of the time, there are two players in the lane area during the Pass and Cut motion: one player is finishing a basket cut and is on their way out to the perimeter and another player is in the motion of making a basket cut. Again, we have two players in the posting area that have a good chance of stopping and getting offensive rebounding position when the shot is taken.

In other words, if you’re coaching the Read & React, point out to your players that it is a very rare thing for a shot to be taken with all 5 players standing on the perimeter. Those who are not on the perimeter are responsible for offensive rebounding.

To help with offensive rebounding from a 5 OUT set, consider adding the following to your drills: Whenever a shot is taken, everyone except the player back on defense, must put at least one foot in the lane by the time the ball hits the rim. This is a good HABIT whether you’re running the Read & React or not!


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