The Hardwood Hustle

Hardwood HustleOne of our favorite projects here at Better Basketball is the Hardwood Hustle. We are so honored to be partnering with Alan Stein and Adam Bradley on this project, and know that it is one of those endeavors that truly helps coaches and players develop.

The Hardwood Hustle Basketball Podcast first aired in May of 2013 with a simple and distinct purpose…

It is for those who know basketball is more than a game.

Hardwood HustleAlan and Adam have created a unique platform to help players, parents and coaches achieve success on and off the court.

How they approach basketball is how they approach life. And they make that attitude contagious.

Whether interviewing a basketball celebrity like Jay Bilas or Jay Williams or simply having one of their infamous debates (Is it OK for high school coaches to use profanity?), you will find value in their infinite wisdom, experience and humor.

This week, a new website was launched dedicated completely to the Hardwood Hustle. You can gain access to all previous episodes and stay up to date with the show, airing two new podcasts per week.

This video will give you an idea of what it is all about:

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You will gain instant access to:

16 Killer 1-on-1 Games
31 Killer Warmup Drills with a Basketball
36 Killer Offensive Footwork Drills




Full Time-Out with Rick Torbett @RickTorbett

Postseason Actions – Part 2 (If you missed Part1, click here)

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for these Postseason Actions Videos! Quick questions about the Part 2 video: Once the wing starts to drive, shouldn’t the other players circle move? If so, then won’t the player in the corner, who is supposed to set the pin-screen on the bounce off, be on the other side of the floor or at least on his way to the other side? I hope the questions make sense. Thanks again.

    1. Donald – Your question makes perfect sense! There ARE situations or rather Spots from which, if a player drives, Circle Movement will leave only one player on the perimeter (in the direction of the drive). But that means that there are 3 teammates (and their defenders) “behind” him/her. So, in these cases, bounce-off, and look back to your weakside for a Pin & Skip. That’s why practice and review with this type of thing is so important. Players always have those “what if” or “what do we do in this case” questions. 🙂

      Formations and Spots where this will NOT happen, or perhaps I should say the following are situations from which there will be 2 or 3 players in position to set the Pin & Skip like I drew it up on the video:

      1. 5 OUT Either Corner driving middle
      2. 5 OUT Either Wing driving middle
      3. 4 OUT Either Guard driving middle
      4. 4 OUT Either Wing driving middle
      5. 4 OUT Either Corner driving middle (sometimes an overload occurs)
      6. 3 OUT Either Wing drives middle
      7. 3 OUT Either Corner drives middle (sometimes an overload occurs)

      Thanks again for pointing it out!

      1. Got it! Thanks, that was very helpful!

        This was my second year coaching my son’s youth team. We ran Read and React this year and I (and the kids!) loved it! We were able to put in layers 1-3, a little bit of 4, and a few kids started setting backscreens at the end of the season. I’m already looking forward to building on what we have next year.

  2. I like it Rick. It put’s a lot of pressure on the defense to guard two actions quickly and correctly. As a coach I need to train more of these double actions with my players. Combo actions like this will also serve to expand the size of my players basketball “cup”.

    1. Yep – Combo Actions like these is where you can take advantage of the strength of the system. How would you defender either situation knowing that your teammates are split in terms of what to guard and what to stop?

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