Keep It Simple Zones

KISZ – Keep It Simple Zones – is the latest offering in the Keep It Simple systems. If you play against zone defenses, and therefore have to play zone offense, this system is for you. KISZ includes offensive principles that work against zones, regardless of whether you’re a Read and React coach. It also includes baseline and sideline plays, press breaks, 3 transition methods, 4 stunt fronts and traps for your zone defense, and four 90 minute practice plans. Use all of it, or take just the parts you need.
Over 1 hour

Attacking Zones

An on court session with Coaches TJ Rosene and Sam Allen from the Atlanta PGC Coaching Clinic, 2022 that will give you a comprehensive look at attacking zone defenses.
30-60 minutes

Zone Offense Player System

This course helps coaches give players different ways to create 3 different types of shots; 3pt shots, mid-range, and lay-ups at the rim. It goes in depth in how to create these 3 different shots from a variety of different ways.
Over 1 hour

Zone Attack

This robust course has 47 lessons on how to take the Read and React Offense and apply the principles to zone attack. This course will cover strategies for how Rick Torbett would attack each type of Zone Defense. In addition, the course contains a comprehensive team drill library and detailed instructions on how to guide your team to implementing these actions from the Read and React Offense when facing Zone Defense.
Over 1 hour

Zone Attack Bootcamp

This course features Rick Torbett teaching the Read and React Zone Attack Offense to the Emmanuel College Women's team, covering the main points in a single two hour practice.
Over 1 hour

Read & React: Zone Offense Simplified – Fantastic Four

Playing against a zone defense can be challenging and stymie your offensive attack. Rick Torbetts shares four strategies can be put into use quickly and give your players confidence in playing against a zone defense by increasing the number of threats the defense has to face.
Over 1 hour

Zone Attack Package

The Key5 Complete Zone Attack Package provides coaches a comprehensive A to Z resource for attacking zones. We’ve got you covered with teachings, film examples, and diagrams throughout the entire course. We start by breaking down zone attack principles and habits, then move into specific strategies for a variety of zone formations. This course will help you take your zone Systems & Strategies to the next level. This course also includes downloadable resource docs.
Over 1 hour