Course Introduction TJ’s preseason shooting ladder is a creative way to develop shooters in a competitive way and track team and individual progress in this crucial area. You can adapt it to make it age and stage appropriate for your team and for individual players. As you work to develop shooters, it’s important to build confidence and track and celebrate progress. Watch the intro video above and then continue by clicking “Shooting Program Intro” below.
Get TJ's practice plan template and learn the ins and outs of running effective practices. Discover methods and strategies to plan and execute more effective practices this season.
Sometimes it's the smallest adjustments that can make the biggest difference. As a coach, when you can improve by 1% each day, your team and players can as well.
Practice is the lifeblood of a program. Use these practice tips to help maximize your time on the court and set the foundation for your practices throughout the season.
Discover the importance of enrolling your parents and being proactive in parent communication. Set the foundation for a great season with communication strategies you can use throughout the year in times of success and adversity.
Dive into recruiting best practices with the Key5 team. Learn 3 things coaches need to do to help their players get recruited and be ready for the next level.
Build your team culture using the 5 components of our Key5 Blueprint. Learn how to create a strong environment, build accountability, and view adversity as an opportunity, through teachings from our Key5 team.
Create and define the steps you'd like your players to take in their leadership and help your team progress to a player led team this season.
Get end of game tips and dive into best sets and actions from the WNBA and NBA bubble seasons — diagrams included!
Get detailed film breakdowns on six different end of game play scenarios — diagrams included!