Dynamic Defense – Rebounding

Hall of Fame Coach Dick Helm and Coach Rick Torbett teach the principles and techniques of rebounding in this excerpt from the Dynamic Defense course.
Under 10 minutes

Rebounding -Philosophy and Teaching – TD

Coaches need to develop a philosophy of rebounding, as much as the skill of rebounding. In this segment you’ll pick up Sam Allen’s key rebounding teaching points. While this video focuses more on defensive rebounding, it's important for coaches to get clear on what your offensive reboudning philosphy is (how many do you send to the glass).

Learning Defensive Transition – TD

TJ Rosene & Rick Torbett help coaches to help their players figure out what to do in transition where sometimes players are uncertain with their habits and decision making. Includes game film analysis of both ball handlers, and those transitioning without the ball. This course is part of the Key5 Coaching Blueprint - Systems and Strategies.
Under 10 minutes

4 – Rebounding Tactics

Part of the Zone Attack Package course, this section helps coaches understand some of the key ideas, and skills related to rebounding, especially as you consider how to win the rebounding game against Zone Defenses.
Under 10 minutes