PGC Shooting College 2.0

Comprehensive and detailed shooting course designed to tell you what great shooters do, how they do it, and the mindset that goes with it.
Over 1 hour

Preseason Shooting Ladder

A complete guide to tracking individual and team progress in shooting for your program. Critical to becoming a proficient shooting team that also allows you as a coach to have stats behind your decisions of who should be shooting the most in games. Includes PDF.
10-30 minutes

Teaching Shot Selection

Shot selection may be the single biggest decider of winning and losing. Learn how to teach it to your players and team in this detailed 11 layer course that may be the biggest factor in your team's success this year.
30-60 minutes

Teach Shooting from the Ground Up

In this eight-part course Tyler Coston breaks down a holistic approach to teaching shooting that is both evaluative and prescriptive. He will show you how to help your players develop a simple, repeatable, and effective technique that will lead their own authentic shot.
30-60 minutes

Better Shooting

Watch Coach Rick Torbett as he works with one of the all time great college and NBA shooters, JJ Reddick and learn the principles of shooting that JJ (and your players) can implement to become lights out shooters.
Over 1 hour

Better Free Throws

Free throw shooting "should" be automatic points for your team. Learn the principles that will increase your players' made free throw percentages.
Over 1 hour

The Shooting Course

Detailed shooting course with layers that build on each other, including drills, assessment charts, and workout plans.
Over 1 hour