At a recent PGC clinic, (PGC) President Mano Watsa shared his philosophy on timeouts. Mano believes that timeouts should be treated like a sandwich.

I. Bread

Bread is the foundation of your sandwich so that should be your initial focus. Many times coaches use timeouts to vent their frustration. Instead, use it to offer positive words of encouragement to your players and praise at least one thing they are doing well as soon as the timeout begins.

  1. Encourage the team
  2. Encourage a player (Consider assigning an assistant coach to encourage individual players)
  3. Identify what’s working

II. Meat

The meat you choose is the heart of your sandwich. Similar to a timeout, the “meat” is the main message you want delivered to your players.

  1. Set the mood
  2. Deliver main message
  3. Lead the way / Identify the battles

III. Toppings

The toppings are just a small piece of the sandwich but are equally important for flavor.  The toppings of a timeout are other small tangibles that should be delivered in a concise manner.

  1. Match-up changes
  2. Change Off/Def
  3. Quick Hitter

IV. Bread

Every sandwich has two pieces of bread. Therefore it is only right to end the timeout properly to ensure what you addressed will be carried out properly.

  1. Repeat the main thing (Meat) – Break the huddle with the reminder
  2. Support them (Encouragement)

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