We get the question about offensive rebounding a lot. Most of the time it goes like this, “How can you rebound out of the 5 OUT formation?” Sometimes it goes like this, “Well, I don’t like the Read & React because it’s hard to get offensive rebounds out of it”.

I prefer the first approach personally, but either way, this conversation warrants some clarification.

Many times the second question comes from basketball coaches who’ve only seen pieces of the offense and assume that it is just a 5 OUT passing game. It isn’t just that. At all.

It’s not just a 5 OUT offense. Honestly, it’s not just anything.

You can run it in any basketball formation using any tempo and any style of play. So, if you have great post players, run it 4 OUT or 3 OUT. Or, if you’re guard heavy, run it 5 OUT. Or, run all three during the course of the game. It’s completely up to you – you are the coach after all.

But, that brings me back to rebounding. Is it possible to maintain (or, gasp… even improve) your offensive rebounding numbers in the Read & React even in the 5 OUT formation?

Yes, and TJ Rosene tells you how in the video below taken from a 2010 Read & React clinic in Atlanta.

What has your offensive rebounding experience been with the Read & React? Has your basketball team improved? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. As a team with below average height, what we’ve seen as that we’re rebounding offensively like never before. Mostly due to two reasons. 1) With so much movement, we are no longer sitting ducks. The defense is not in good defensive rebounding position as they chase our boys all over the floor. 2) Since the basic premise of the R&R is to watch the player with the ball and react, our boys know when the shot’s being taken a second before the defense does – giving us the offensive rebounding advantage.

    Now against the zone is another issue. You have to encourage them to crash the glass like old times. Good luck!

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