Often when I watch basketball on TV I feel like I need to take anxiety pills. Heck, my family won’t even watch games in the same room as me. One aspect of the game that drove me to create the Read & React Offense, is this notion that you must run false offense for a while before trying to score off one knock out punch. If that punch doesn’t work you’ve just wasted an entire scoring opportunity decreased your chances of winning the game.

I don’t want to waste time with false offense. With Read & React, everyone gets to throw a punch until we land one on the defense. It takes a great defense to defend an entire possession if every action of the ball has a scoring opportunity in it. If you don’t throw enough punches, how can you test the level or the strength of the defense? You can’t, you’re just bailing out the defense and making them only guard one action.  Can the defense guard two situations in a row? How about you make them defend three situations in a row where they are constantly helping, rotating, and recovering. The Read & React might knock you out with the 1st punch or it might knock you out with the 10th one…the Read & React NEVER stops throwing punches!

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