The following article was shared to us by Mitch Cole from Texas A&M Men’s Basketball. The Codes of Conduct come from Joe Ehrmann’s book, Inside Out Coaching. In case you missed it, check out Coaches’ Code of Conduct.

Below are the Codes or Expectations for Parents and Players that participate in their programs. Coaches should meet with parents at least one time before each season to make sure everyone understands the level of commitment and expectation required to have a positive experience.

What is the level of Clarity in Communication in your program between Coaches, Parents and Players? Are there clear expectations for everyone involved? What guidelines do you have that insure everyone is working together for a common cause?

As we evaluate our programs in the off-season, this may be a good area to explore as we move forward. Whether you agree with all of the wording on his contracts is up to you. You could probably tweak these to fit your situation or level of coaching. Either way, I hope this was helpful in your quest to build a strong level of clarity in communication on your team and in your program!

Parents’ Code of Conduct


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Players’ Code of Conduct


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