The following article was shared to us by Coach Randy Brown. Randy does a tremendous job sharing various elements of the game in his email newsletter.
As we are in the “off-season” improvement time, consider incorporating 3 on 3 as the anchor to your approach.
Here are some ideas on how to maximize 3-on-3 in your workouts:
Give 3 on 3 some rules:

  1. Players cannot pass and stand. After passing the player must cut, screen away, or post up.
  2. Do not allow on-ball screens–these actions give players an “out” because it’s easy to just set ballscreens.
  3. Every player must touch the ball each offensive possession.
  4. Defensively, if there is no communication, the offensive team automatically gets a score. For example: If a screen away occurs and the defender guarding screener does not call out “screen right” to the teammate being screened.
  5. Any fouls equal an automatic basket.
  6. Play short games…be creative, mix it up:
    • First team to 3 baskets
    • First team to score consecutive baskets
    • First team to score with an offensive rebound
Playing 3-on-3 is a great way to teach the following:
  • Proper offensive Spacing
  • Defensive reactions to penetrations–Stunt or Cover.
  • Getting open 1-on-1 anywhere on the floor.
  • Creating shots
  • Decision making
  • Passing
  • Players love it!
Turn open gyms into “3 on 3 Tournaments” to add more competition. Use this concept with your younger grades/feeder programs.

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