Dick Helm judges good basketball offense on three criteria: spacing, ball movement, and player movement. According to Coach Helm, all offenses have at least one of these qualities, all good basketball offenses have two of them, and the Read & React Offense has all three. Hey, that’s straight from a former NBA coach’s mouth.

But, as TJ Rosene explains in the video below, a Read & React coach can prioritize those categories differently depending on the defense, personnel, formation, situation, etc. It still has all three at all times, but the focus changes.

As flexible as the Read & React is, it’s still up to the coach to coach. You have to set players’ roles. You have to dictate the large basketball actions. And, you have to set goals for your team.

But, of course, that’s why you got into coaching in the first place, right?

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  1. Jeff Vande Hey says:

    I’ve seen about sixty video clips and I’m going to say that TJ Rosene is about as good of a coach as I’ve seen. He just has it.