“In a clinic full of veteran Read & React Coaches, we had one coach who will be installing it for the first time this coming season. In fact, it’s only his second year as a coach! I asked the coaches to give him one quick piece of advice and this is the list we compiled together” – Coach Rick Torbett

Read & React Clinic July 30, 31, 2016 - CRead & React Clinic July 30, 31, 2016 - BRead & React Clinic Atlanta July 30, 31, 2016 - A


1 – Don’t go back.

2 – Stick to it.

3 – Don’t be a perfectionist. You don’t have to look “pretty” to be successful.

4 – Sit down with them; explain the big picture – show them the way.

5 – Don’t feel the pressure of getting through the entire system.

6 – Work on Circle Movement every day – get it right.

7 – Stick with Circle Movement even when it’s not perfect.

8 – Don’t let your ego get in your way.

9 – Journal and Reflect.

10 – Hybrid Games: Shell offense & defense until the action occurs – then its “live”.

11 – Use your bench: the Read & React allows you to play more players – do it.

12 – Identify your IQ kids, even if they’re not your best players.

13 – Keep, file, reflect and grade your practice plans.

14 – Bring in a Quality Control person to watch your practices.

15 – Keep things to 10 minutes.

16 – Be concise with communication.

17 – Colors, quick, easy calls if they need help.

18 – Teach all layers to all players, but emphasize playing their strengths and hiding their weaknesses.

19 – Most turnovers happen when players try to do too much.

20 – Let teammates identify their teammates strengths and verbalize them.

21 – Against Zones – customize cutters (Rick), learn your player’s strengths.

22 – Have passion for it.

23 – Celebrate the little things.

24 – Invest time in yourself.

25 – Don’t pigeon hole yourself with something you may have to change later.

26 – Don’t need to be “anti-play”; they can use a quick-hitter as a crutch until the team knows how to start their own possessions.

p.s. – Thanks to Richard Cassella Video Director – Wagner Women’s Basketball for helping compile this list!

Read & React Clinic July 30, 31, 2016 - FRead & React Clinic July 30, 31, 2016 - E

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  1. I too just recently went to read and react, boy could I use a course like that! I stuck too it and kids began too get it by end of the season. Long way to go! Any advice?

  2. Please clarify and explain more about the following:

    1. “Don’t let ego get in your way”

    2. How does R&R allow you to play more players?
    (I assume it’s because it’s a positionless system, but would love to know your thoughts)

    3. How have you graded your practice plans?

    4. What is meant by “colors, quick easy calls if they need help”?

    5. “Most turnovers happen when they try to do too much” – Please give an example

    6. “Keep things to 10 minutes” – please clarify

    7. “Invest time in yourself” – please clarify and give an example

    8. “Don’t pigeon hole yourself with something you have to change later” – please explain more

    Thanks for taking the time answering these questions, I hope it’s not too much 🙂

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