The Read & React Offense is built on a backbone of two major components: Pass & Cut (Layer 1) and Circle Movement (Layer 4). Many of the other layers hang upon those two exactly like the skeleton hangs upon the spine.

Sure, a youth team can have a functional offense with just Layers 1, 2, and 3, but the Read & React really becomes dynamic when the passing actions are dovetailed seamlessly with the dribble penetration actions. Together, they make up great basketball offense.

Your team may have the Pass & Cut reactions locked down. And, they may have the Circle Movement reactions under control (these usually take a bit longer). The true test, however, is whether your team can put them together.

Can they react correctly to dribble penetration when it occurs organically like it would in a game?

The only way to answer that is to set it up in practice. That’s exactly what Rick Torbett does in the video clip below using a 5-on-0 diagnostic test.

This clip is an excerpt from our DVD set, Read & React Clinics: Planning the R&R Practice.

You heard Rick mention a Bounce Off Dribble – it’s a great way to get a lot of Circle Movement reps in a short amount of time. And, it’s pretty good at conditioning too.

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