TJ Rosene has implemented the Read & React twice before – the first time ended with a National Championship. After learning from those previous experiences, he’s decided that this third year would be different.

In Emmanuel College’s first 12 practices of this season, they will work on the Read & React.



Yeah, you read that right. No defense. (I mean, there will be defense on the court, but no teaching of defense). He’s going to focus those 12 practices on putting in his entire offensive plan without any defensive distractions.

“But,” you say, “what about…”

Nope, the only two things that his defense will be held accountable for in those 12 days are communication and intensity. That’s it. They have to communicate and they have to play hard.

This footage was taken from our most recent clinic in Dallas and we’ll follow TJ’s train of thought with a series of short videos. There may be 3, or 5, or 10. I’m not sure how many parts there will be.

In fact, I’m only sure of one thing: that it will be awesome.


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  1. Cass says:

    Is it wrong that we’re so excited to see these practices laid out in FastPlan next season? Well….we are. Until then we’re watching these videos to make sure FastPlan is ready for the awesome.

  2. Mat says:

    Great stuff!!!

    Can’t wait to get information with the other parts.

  3. CoachP309 says:

    Hope you don’t keep us waiting too long. This is what I’ve been waiting for.Thanks Coach Rosene.

  4. robert rowe says:

    Coach Rosene:
    Great information. This presentation you gave in Dallas really gives new coaches like me to the Read and React Ofense a template of sorts to help me use in putting in this powerful offense. Thanks so much Coach

  5. yoshi says:

    Sounds very interesting…

    Here are some questions I hope to have answered:

    1. In those 12 practices, how many and what layers will be taught? Will all the layers be taught in those 12 days?
    2. Can the players develop the habits necessary in those 12 practices (12 days or so)? In other words will that be enough time?
    3. Will there be any other teaching resources used besides just what is done on the court – player manual, video, etc.?

    I was already considering just working on the offense first, but now to have someone with quite a bit of success doing it, I’m definitely leaning more towards that.

    Can’t wait to hear/see more!

  6. coach Kelly says:

    Great stuff. Cant wait for part 2!

  7. CoachRosene says:

    Coaches thanks for all the comments and questions. First let me say I really enjoy reading what everybody has to say on the blog. I have learned a lot form you guys. This is my first post but I am come here and read about everyother day. We just got done with all the clinics and they were awesome…..met so many great coaches.

    1-how many layers….we put just about all of them in….however are main focus is the foundation…I am not sure how many of you are aware of the new layering system but hte new first 6 (foundation) was my main focus of the 12 days…we got a taste of everything…but again my focus was on the foundation.

    2- Long enough to build habits? NO!…but a great start….we drill the habits until the very last day….you can never do that enough.

    3- Other resources…I use other resources almost daily myself..the videos, drill book etc.
    for the team we do supplement things outside of practice like quick paper test…we also watch film: the RR DVD’s…our clips, Coe, Iowa…anything we can get our hands on…

    Hope that helps…thanks to Scott for these blogs..perfect for a basketball junkie like me…where else can you go to get this kind of help with the game…I love it!

    Keep posting I love learning from you guys

  8. nzballer says:

    I can’t wait for more parts aof this!!! I hope there’s 10!!! Thanks TJ, Rick and Scott.
    Love the R & R and have been running it for 1 season. He is right when he says that you can work on your defence when purely running drills for the offence in the pre-season.

  9. rick says:

    In less than two weeks I will begin practice with a 5th grade boys team. We will start with the first three (new) layers and build up to six. I will check each day looking for the plan.


  10. Johnny G says:

    I have a 5th grade boys AAU team and we will start implementing next week. I am anxious to begin. We were very successful last year and plan on building this new offense. We primarily play man to man, but our opponents usually play zone. If you can continue adding info on running R&R against zone that would be great.


  11. Steven Grunblatt says:

    I coach a 12u girls team. I just started showing them layer 1. Prior to this, I was having a problem making them move around much.. The problem i am having at the moment is that the girls seem to “panic” and quickly move the ball without looking. I am going to keep trying to implement this and hopefully at some point they will get it. I am curious how this worked with the 5th grade boys… Any suggestions would be welcomed..


  12. Coach Loren says:

    Coach Steve

    We use a simple command of “look” continuously when doing the drills – It’s simular to The “three looks” when breaking the press…

  13. Jay says:

    What is FastPlan? These 12 practices will all be on video? Christmas come early?? :)

  14. Jean Gelpi says:

    Coach Rosene,

    Great stuff!!! Do you know where I can get a copy of the 12 day practice plan format?

    Thank you

    Coach Gelpi

  15. ijaropla says:

    Hello Coach Rosene and colleagues.
    Do you a have a specific pre game routine involving R&R and maybe Pack Defense that you could share?


  16. Coach Chris says:

    We will be using the R & R offense for the first time this year. Anyone have the best 10 drills to start off with??

    Coach Chris

  17. Cornelius says:

    I am so excited to get started on the R&R. I am so excited yet nervous at the same time. I keep trying to figure out how I will implement the offense. This will be a completely different way to implement an offense.

  18. Clanton Coach says:

    Can you please let me know, how much and how I can purchase the 12 Day practice plan, we start soon, October 30. We will be running R&R for the first time. Thanks.