The Read & React Offense requires a shift in the way that you coach. Instead of controlling small moment by moment actions, you control the big picture. Instead of calling plays, you can use color codes or basketball formations to dictate certain styles of play or emphasize specific actions. And in reality, that shift ends up being much more fun – for you and your players.

It also requires a shift in the way you design your basketball practice, however, and that is the focus of this video from Rick Torbett.

To be game ready with the Read & React in only the short time you have from Day 1 to Game 1, you may need to focus 90% of your time on the offense at first (or, 100% like TJ Rosene does) with the understanding that you’ll be able to slowly reduce that percentage as the season progresses. Turns out, you may end your season focusing 90% of your time on defense. And, we all know, that’s when defense matters most.

The Read & React cannot be effectively put in like other offenses.
You can’t take 20 minutes each practice and expect it to work. It requires going all in… the results are worth the risk. But, really, it’s no risk at all, it’s just different.

Read & React veterans, have you tried implementing the offense this way? Did it work for you? How did you put it in? Let us know.

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  1. Absolutely the way to go. If you play man, tell them pressure ball and jump to help. All of the other dfensive drills I used to do were sacred cows. You can also pick out certain areas and teach defense on the fly with the 90 – 10 ratio handling screens, talking, stance etc…..Its us as coaches that do not allow it to happen, we feel we have to do footfire and key slides for 15 minutes. Get rid of the sacred cows!!

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