Last week I shared a Read Line Drill that is based off of the newly defined scoring opportunities Rick created in the NEW Read & React.  I modified the drill from only three players to our entire team to allow for more repetitions. The focus of this drill is to simulate filling spots vs a defender that is a step slow.

Divide your team in half and put one team at each main basket with a coach (or coaches). The first player in line without a ball (2), starts filling the top spot and as soon as they gain a step on the defender (defense gets behind their line of vision), the player immediately curls into the paint for logo moves/shots. Players rebound their own ball and sprint to the opposite line of where they started to continue.

This is a great drill to work on player development in the positionless system. Have your players change their finishes every time; lay-ups, floaters, runners, controlled 2-foot stops for power moves, etc. If you have extra coaches them in the paint to force the offensive player to make decisions.

This drill can also be moved to the wings to allow players to work on Read Line cuts and finishes from all angles. 



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  1. mpayne says:

    Do you have a video reference for this drill?

    1. Kyle Gilreath says:

      Coach-The only video we have of this drill is part of our new Positionless Basketball Read & React.