Here’s Part 2 of Coach Douglas Holden sharing about the impact of the Read & React Offense for the Mohonasen Girls Basketball Program. Thanks again for sharing, Coach!! – Rick

Douglas Holden 2016 Mohonasen Girls Basketball

Douglas Holden 2016 Mohonasen Girls Basketball

QUESTION #3: How have you changed as a coach?

“Wow – it is just my first year as the Mohonasen Head Coach (I have been head coach prior to this – and then I was much more “old school” – many, many plays etc) – but – it helped me think outside of the box. I had to let go of some of my thought processes that have evolved over the 20+ years of coaching this great game offensively. The best part of this program – is that we are only going to get better and better at it as the year go by. My hope is that my youth league players will come to the school program much more prepared and knowledgeable – thus allowing them to feel much more comfortable and confident.”

QUESTION #4: How has your program changed since implementing the Read & React?

Well – it is the first year – so as you know – it takes time to implement it. But – the initial impact has been two-fold – my coaches love it because it is consistent throughout the program. My players struggled at first with it – because they wanted to know where to be and what to do (plays vs playing). It was very difficult at first – but once they began to feel some freedom – they really embraced it. The ball movement and player movement became smoother and more natural – it also greatly helped in the extremely important facet – offensive spacing. They all felt more important while playing as they were all a part of the process of trying to score the ball. Though – it is important to note that this is not designed to be an equal opportunity offense in my mind – though it is designed to include everyone – I feel the ball finds great players. It greatly helped the flow of the offense – thus negating many of the double teams that my better players encountered. It also significantly reduced the ability of teams to scout/prepare for us.”

“I cannot wait for the upcoming season!!!”


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