There are a few different philosophies when it comes to opponent scouting. Some coaches like to study¬†every tendency of an opponent and relay that information to their players so they know what to expect. Others prefer to share very little with their players and rely on executing “their” game plan versus stopping the opponents’. Regardless of which school of thought you prefer, scouting¬†is an important part of coaching basketball.

We’ve created and shared (below) a bench sheet to hold your most important scouting information that you will need during game time. Even if you are unable to scout your opponent due to logistics or lack of film, this is something that you can still fill in as the game progresses as reminder’s for your players and your staff.

PS-If you’re a high school coach, more times than the Freshman and Junior Varsity teams run the same plays so use this time to grab a few play calls if you haven’t already.

Bench Scouting Sheet



Role(s) of the Assistant Coach on the Bench



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  1. bherod2000 says:

    Does anyone have one of these scouting reports filled out. Preferably on the junior high/high school level? I just wanted to see an example.