A few weeks ago I took my car in for routine service.

Well, I thought I was going in for routine service, but found out I needed to have some additional work done. In addition to theimage-01-car-repairs standard oil change, I was told I needed new tires, a wheel alignment and new brake pads. I quickly asked how necessary the additional work really was.

The chief mechanic said without blinking, ‘If you want your car to run smoothly, efficiently and for a long time… you need to have this work done today. Your tires are almost completely bald, your alignment pulls several degrees to the right and your brake pads are very thin.’

Point taken. This was something I had to do.

While I sat in car service waiting room, it immediately reminded me that a basketball player’s body is exactly like my car. Granted, some players’ bodies are more like a Ferrari than my humble Camry, but the comparison still exists. The daily grind and wear and tear I put on my car is the same that a basketball player puts on their body.

As we approach the busy AAU season, most youth and high school age players have been logging some serious miles on their ‘car’ (body) all Spring. In order for them to avoid injury, move efficiently on the court, and be able to play at a high level through this coming season, they need to make sure their body gets routine service.

One of the best things a player can do after a long, grueling season is take some time off. I recommend players take at least one full week off before the start of summer (or school) to let their mind and body recover and get some quality rest.

Instead of oil changes, new tires, wheel alignments and new brake pads…basketball players need to eat well, get adequate sleep, foam roll, take ice baths, do Yoga, and properly strength train.

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August is the ideal month to focus on rest and recovery… take advantage!

Train hard. Fuel smart. Get better.

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