See how coaches from around the world are using PGC Coaching to reach their goals.

PGC has trained over 15,000 Coaches, here are a few of their



A shift in perspective to instill confidence in players and become a servant leader.

Coach Matt Lint has a remarkable background in coaching, with 30+ years of experience in multiple countries. Today, he’s the General Manager of the North Canterbury Basketball Association in New Zealand (a program with 80 teams)—and attributes his growth to PGC Coaching.

Bill Earley

Coaching at a level greater than X’s and O’s.

Coach Bill Earley has been a girl’s youth basketball coach for 4 years, and like many others, jumped in to coach his daughter. With a background in law and business leadership, Bill’s guiding principle expands far beyond X’s and O’s. Instead, he focuses on instilling success in others, fully understanding that by doing so, his success is guaranteed. Bill’s number one goal is to have a positive impact and with the help of PGC, he’s crushing it.


One-win season to a state championship and appearance at regionals–all within a year’s time.

Coach Eric Ferguson fell into coaching with very little basketball experience, just so his daughters could play. Fast forward to today and he’s the Varsity Girls Coach at Pioneer Charter School, and in his own words… “Most of my success as a coach has come from what I learned at PGC.”

Camille Cox

4th in the Nation as a first-year Varsity Girls High School Coach.

Coach Camille Cox’s journey as a coach started like many others, she stepped up to coach her daughters. Fast forward 8 years and as a first-time girls Varsity High School Coach at Christian Homeschool Sports Ministries, her team finished 4th in the nation. Coach Camille attributes much of her team’s success to NATO—a PGC acronym that means ‘not attached to the outcome.’ She leads her team to focus on what they can control.


Post-Covid lulls to a sectional semi-final appearance.

Coach Mark Wilens was pulled into coaching when his 3rd-grade daughter’s team needed a coach—that was 10 years ago. As the need grew he found himself running the entire program and balancing a busy business career, but his love of the game drove him to follow his passion. Today Mark’s the Varsity Boys Coach at Onteora High School and while PGC has been a huge help on the court, according to Mark, it extends far beyond that.

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