Color codes are a great way for coaches to control certain types of attacks in the Read & React Offense. Basically, each color represents a group of similar layers or actions particularly good at attacking a specific style of defense or exploiting a specific advantage.

For example, “Blue” could cue your team to set as many screens as possible, which would obviously be most effective against a defense that struggles with screening situations. (You can find more examples in Rick Torbett’s previous article: Using Colors to Initiate Combo Attacks. You can also make up your own.)

In the video below, the girls are working on their “Purple” call where the offense must be run through the post player (they are operating in a 3 OUT, but it could easily be done in 4 OUT as well). This is perfect if your team is built around a dominant post or if you find yourself in a situation where you have a post advantage.

Purple asks the post player to screen for most cutters and shape up immediately – it should be unrelenting on a post defender requiring that on every possession they defend multiple screens and guard multiple post feeds. And, the cutters get a great opportunity to work off deliberate interior screens.

This video was taken from our 5 DVD set: Read & React Clinics: Planning the R&R Practice.

As an additional tweak, the posts in the video screen for their post buddy after receiving a feed, examining their options, and kicking it back out.

Remember, the color codes are up to you to customize and use if you feel like they would be helpful. Be creative and tailor them to your own coaching philosophy and the personality of your basketball team.

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