This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Bert Potter, Varsity Boy’s Basketball coach at Bethel Christian Academy (Kinston, NC).

I first heard about the Read & React  from our former JV coach after he found the DVD’s online. I really enjoy teaching the Read & React because it simultaneously trains player and ball movement. As a result, our program’s offensive fundamentals are better than ever. Our players have really bought in during practice because a majority of our passing, cutting, and shooting drills are actually parts of the Read & React. This allows our players to improve their fundamentals while also learning the offense.

The Read & React has been our man offense for the past three years. Since then, we have been a dangerous shooting team with a strong outside presence. The north and south dribble penetration creates open looks for our shooters when teams are forced to help. Additionally, we have feasted on draft drives and laker cuts. These actions have created opportunities for our players improve their ability to get to the rim. Typically we will run a quick hitter in transition and then flow right into our reactions based on how we’re being defended.

It is always good to hear opposing coaches tell me that our team is hard to guard.

This year we had a transfer come in at the halfway mark of the season and he was not eligible for games, but he was eligible for practice. I noticed after about the first two weeks of practice that his shooting percentage improved as a result of all the shots he get up in practice.

The Read & React has changed my philosophy as a coach as I am able to spend more practice time working on fundamentals of offense instead of dry running set plays 5-on-0. It is also helping me to not coach every offensive possession in our games and allows the players to ‘play’.  I no longer have to call a set every trip down the floor.

I really enjoy the Read and React and everything Better Basketball is doing to improve the game.

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