This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Chris DeMarque from Express Basketball.
I have been with the same team for a couple of years now, when I started coaching this team we were bigger and stronger than most of the teams we played as 5th graders.  The last few teams have not been as big and we started struggling to score.  Since everyone caught up to our size and strength, we went from being the biggest team to one of the smaller teams every game.
I saw something about the Read and React last year and decided to give it a try.Express  Since I put this offense in, we have increased our scoring by over 12 points a game.  Since we are very tenacious on defense, we were able to take the next step as a team due to the great shots we get on almost every trip down the floor.  I am very excited to how far this team can go as they get stronger and their shooting improves.
Not only do we get great shots consistently, the best part about the offense is that you can control the game with it.  By this I mean you can be super agreesive and get shots early in the possession or you can run  the offense very patiently and use it to wear down the defense.  There is no better delay offense than this as well, you can run four to five minutes off the clock and the other team has no clue you are killing time.  Sooner or later the defense gets tired of chasing your players and they will give you a wide open layup.
Best thing I did for my team was give this a try.  Since my team has seen success with Read and React, our whole club has implented the Read and React in some form.


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