Terry Helm is the owner and head coach at TC Hoops Basketball Club in Cape Girardeau, Missouri .

We currently have 12 teams aging from 4th grade girls and boys to varsity level boys and girls . When Coach Helm took over the club, the previous coach that owned it before ran the dribble-drive exclusively.

I wasn’t satisfied with the limitations that it put on the offense so he went on a search for something that he could use from bottom to top , young to old.

Coach Helm ran across the “Read and React ” offense. He listened to all of the promos and finally decided to give it a try . The first thing Terry thought was this is too easy, he couldn’t imagine something as simple as a pass and a cut being so effective . So he kept listening to Rick Torbett and his teaching points and  thought, “Wow .. this IS easy and very effective “. Terry couldn’t wait to start teaching it, but then he quickly found that “He” didn’t have to teach it.

I was amazed at how quickly even the younger kids picked it up. After that every layer made more sense and came easier than the last; it creates a basketball IQ immediately from the first day.

Terry’s highs chool girls team took 5th in the Adidas National Championship blue division last year running the Read & React beautifully. On numerous occasions throughout theimage Summer, he was complimented on the way his team moved without the ball and the way they play spread across the entire court; a very proud moment for a coach .

His younger teams take care of the ball very well because R&R reinforces what kids have been hearing since they picked up a basketball, ” meet the pass” . It also teaches spacing and teaches opportunity basketball .

Thank you for sharing such an amazing teaching tool , The Read & React Offense!

If you would like to reach out to Coach Helm and the TC Hoops Basketball Club, you can find them on Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter : @TC_Hoops
Facebook. TC Hoops

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