A lot of offenses, even motion offenses, require the ball to be moved from specific spot to specific spot so that the proper cuts, screens, and scoring opportunities can be created. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this necessarily (you know how we feel about it already), but it does create a side effect in players.

Naturally, in an offense like that, the pass to the spot where you need the ball to be is not always open. So, with no other options, the player meant to receive that pass gradually slides away from the original spot. If the defender follows, he slides a bit more, and a bit more, and a bit more. We’ve all seen it, players dancing further and further away from the 3-point line and when they finally do get the pass (close to that half-line), they are way too far away from the action to take advantage of the set scoring opportunities or to be a scoring threat themselves.

Well, the Read & React counters that tendency with the Read Line Rear Cut, but sometimes players coming from a different system fall back into their old tendencies, dancing away from the action and hindering the offense.

TJ Rosene has a solution and it’s as simple as terminology.

Have you had similar problems? How did you solve it with your team?

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