University of Florida head coach Billy Donovan shares 3 Things Great Point Guards Must Consider Every Possession down the floor.

1. Who’s Hot? – A great point guard will realize when their teammates are in rhythm and need to continue to feed them the ball. They realize it is not their time to take over the game.

2. Look for a Mismatch? – Whether it is by size or speed, mismatches happen throughout the game of basketball. It is the point guards job to identify them when they happen, and do their best to use that mismatch for their team’s success.

3. Inject Themselves into the Offense – The first two topics have been focused on selfless leadership and getting the ball to others. But their comes a time when things aren’t going well in those two compartments and the point guard must inject themselves into the offense and start making plays.

Every coach in the nation wants a point guard who can score.  But what they don’t want is a point guard who all they do is think about scoring and the other four guys are an after thought, after they get done doing what they want to do.

“All great guards in the NBA can shoot and score, but the really great ones are the ones who can balance shooting with passing to their teammates.


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