Stronger Team 60,000 lbs in 60 Minutes Challenge
by Alan Stein

Don't StopWhile March is the Mecca of college basketball, it usually signifies the beginning of the off-season for high school players and teams.  Whether you won it all, or your season ended too short, March is the time to start preparing for next season.

Here is a killer strength challenge that is perfect for high school basketball players at any level to do once every couple of weeks during the off-season. It is a fantastic way to break up the monotony, add some variety to your workout and spark your competitiveness.

The challenge?

Lift 60,000 lbs in 60 minutes

Multiply the weight you lift by the number of reps you perform to get total poundage for that set.  If you bench press 135 lbs 10 times; record 1,350 lbs. for that set. Keep a running total of weight times reps and then add everything up at the end.  Or you can keep a running total to see where you are at all times (I recommend using the calculator on your smartphone so you don’t waste much time doing math).


What will your strategy be? Try to lift lighter weights for more reps? Heavy weights for fewer reps? Alternate upper body and lower body exercises? Run through several exercises in a row with no rest?  You may want to record and add up a “normal” workout first to gauge where you stand before devising a strategy.

If you accept this challenge, drop me a shout on Twitter and let me know how you did.

Train hard.  Fuel smart. Get better.

Alan Stein


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